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TransRacial White NAACP Spokane President Resigns after Facing Death Threats

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Published on: June 16, 2015

Many said when I was a child that there would come a day when we in America would not know the differences in the races. This was spoken mostly out of fear that the white and black people would completely disappear. As the stigma of blacks and whites marrying and bearing children has almost disappeared, this has come closer to being true. It is actually not a real issue anymore. Most people fail to think about what “race” the person before them is, but what if someone tells you that they are black and they are not?

Most everyone has heard the story of Rachel Dolezal, the white president of the Spokane Washington NAACP, who was outed by her parents as being a white woman. Not only is she a white woman, but a very, white woman. But, what did that matter? Well, it seems the first thing that has to be pointed out is that she took a job that a black person would normally have filled. Then, there is the lying.

Now she has set out to end the media frenzy.

The Washington Post reports:

Rachel Dolezal, the civil rights activist in Washington State who has come under fire for her disputed racial identity, said Monday she was stepping down as president of the NAACP’s Spokane chapter.

Now Rachel has never come out and admitted to being white. She has not right out denied that either. Rather, it seems what has happened is what has become very popular in our day. People, so unhappy with who they are, claim that they are really something they are not. Some claim to have been born the wrong sex, or with more arms than they were supposed to have had. So why not the wrong color?

“I am consistently committed to empowering marginalized voices and believe that many individuals have been heard in the last hours and days that would not otherwise have had a platform to weigh in on this important discussion,” she wrote.

But is this not a show? Does Rachel not just hope to be a spokeswoman for another group? We have transgendered, transabled, so why not transracial?

First I think that it is a little disrespectful to the people you are seeking to identify with. You have not even a clue as a middle-class white girl what many in this country have had to endure. Sure, neither do I, but I am not lying to these same people taking their job and pretending that they need my defense or leadership.

The resignation letter posted on Facebook was Dolezal’s most lengthy response to the ongoing controversy, which has sparked a wide range of jokes as well as a broader discussion of race and identity. She told the Spokesman-Review in Spokane last week that the question of her race “is not as easy as it seems” and called it a “multi-layered” issue.

If I were one that fell for the lie of race, I would say that it is just as easy as it seems. Are both of your parents white? Are all the ancestors that you know about white? Then you are white. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the facts that your DNA dictates that you have darker pigment in your skin. There is nothing wrong with the fact that your ancestors are from the African continent. But there is something wrong with wanting to be black when you are white.

And I do not buy this, “I want to help with racial inequality.” No, if that were the case, Ms. Dolezal, you could have done that as a white girl. Rachel wanted to be a hero to the black people. And she almost did just that, sad.


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