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Most Recent Assassination Brings Total To 130 Mexican Political Candidates Assassinated In 10 Months

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Published on: June 29, 2018

In the span of only 10 months, nearly 130 politicians in Mexico have been assassinated.

130 – just to the South of us.

That’s a massive number — and just think: This is the culture that Democrats want to bring to America. How else to explain the left’s nonstop press for open borders?

This is insanity.

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The most recent murder took place in Buena Vista Michoacan, after cartel members killed the acting mayor of the municipality.

Breitbart has more:

Political assassinations, murders, and violence continue to escalate as Mexico’s elections approach. In the 10 months since the election cycle started, nearly 130 political candidates were murdered.

The most recent took place this week in Buena Vista Michoacan when a team of cartel gunmen shot and killed Javier Ureña Gonzalez, the acting mayor for the municipality as he visited a small village. Ureña assumed the role of acting mayor while his boss Lorenzo Barajas took leave to run for re-election.

Ureña’s murder comes one day after a Oaxaca state congressional candidate was gunned down along with four of his associates. A team of gunmen killed Emigdio Lopez Avendaño as he was visiting the town of San Vicente Coatlan in the southern part of the state.

Earlier this week, a local campaign worker in the border city of Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, died when he drove up to the scene of a cartel gun-battle. Leonardo “El Chino” Diaz and another campaign worker were driving along the highway when they were caught in crossfire. The van that Diaz was riding in caught fire, charring his remains. In response, local candidates canceled their campaign events.

The murder in Miguel Aleman follows a drive-by shooting at the governor’s mansion in Ciudad Victoria Tamaulipas. During the attack, the gunmen fired several shots out of an SUV, injuring a police officer that was guarding the building.

Mexico is experiencing one of the bloodiest electoral cycles in history with more than 120 candidates murdered since September 2017. The most recent accounting for assassinated political candidates as of June 25 is 130, according to Etellekt.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

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