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Muslim Man Sets Girl’s Hair On Fire In Subway Because She Was Not Wearing A Burka

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Published on: July 14, 2016

The original video was posted on Liveleak and is pretty harrowing, as this woman struggles to put the fire out in her hair after the Muslim man runs away:

Surveillance camera, underground station ‘Zoologischer Garten’/Berlin. Suddenly the hair of a 17 .y.o. woman are on fire. With the help of bystanders she is able to put down the flames and prevent serious injuries. Happened on June, 3rd last year. And this shall be the criminal. Newly pictures show him leaving the sub shortly after the attack. (Cop) We are lookin for a young man between 18 and 25 y.o. with dark skin and hairs.

And this is also on the surveillance tape : after the attack the young man walks calmly and relexed away. Yet two weeks earlier he shall have comitted a similar crime at the East-station in Berlin. (Cop) It was again a young woman who’s hair had been enlighted. She was able to put down the flames on her own.

The criminal has run away. Why the man used his lights as weapon against young women is unknown; the police has no understandings or motive so far and is still investigating

I can tell you the reason why he is doing this- it is a display of power because these women are not wearing headscarves. His behavior- doing something that could permanently scar and deface these women- is completely consistent with Islamic attacks against women who are not “modest” enough worldwide, such as with the acid attacks in Pakistan and India.

The only reason that the Muslim is doing this, and indeed, the reason why any Muslim attacks, is because he thinks he can get away with it because the society won’t harshly punish him. The Western man has got to get it through his head that Islam only understands force because there is no love in Islam. It is the same reason why Muslims see mercy as weakness- because there is no love in the religion.

In situations like these, it is always important to help the victim. However, because this is a Muslim, it is just as and even more important to apprehend and swiftly, immediately, and with unrestrained force execute justice on this Muslim because, as the story notes, he will strike again if allowed to.

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*Article by Andrew Bieszad

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