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Muslim migrant suspected of raping and murdering 13-year-old flees to London despite international arrest warrant

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Published on: August 1, 2021

Who arranged for him to flee? Who paid? Does anyone know? Does anyone care besides Exxpress? Who has an interest in protecting such people and shielding them from justice?

“Leonie murder case: who financed the Afghan’s escape to London?,” translated from “Mordfall Leonie: Wer finanzierte die Flucht des Afghanen nach London?,” by Rene Rabeder, Exxpress, July 29, 2021 (thanks to Medforth):

The search for a suspect in the Leonie murder case ended with a bang on Thursday. Targeting investigators tracked down the fugitive Afghan (allegedly 22 years old) in London. His arrest raises many questions. How did the man get to England despite the international arrest warrant? And above all – who paid for the trip?

He is said to have administered drugs to little Leonie on the Danube Canal, drove with his alleged accomplices to an apartment in the Danube city and raped the girl there several times. The young woman from Tulln died, her body was simply deposited on a strip of grass, and the Afghans fled. Local investigators quickly got three of them online. The fourth was not caught until Thursday in London. (eXXpress reported)

Who has their hands in the game here?

“Until August 2, no exemptions from the quarantine obligation for the 3G and also no exemption from the test obligation for recovered or vaccinated people.” This passage on the website of the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs is still valid. For righteous citizens only? It is not yet known whether the urgently suspected Afghan had to be quarantined. The fact is that he seems to be incredibly well connected. After all, he was tracked down in the Afghan community. And a young asylum seeker will hardly be able to escape abroad without the help of investigators – in the middle of a pandemic.

Do smugglers have a hand in this? Or an NGO? Of course, everything is currently the subject of speculation, which also brings some political explosiveness with it. Not least because Austrians are enormously restricted in their freedom of travel due to Corona.

Will keep asking these questions
And of course the question of financing will also have to be clarified. A spontaneous flight to London can quickly cost several hundred euros. Especially since you have to assume that he will not just have boarded a low-cost airline in Schwechat. In any case, we can promise one thing: the eXXpress will keep asking these questions until we have answers.

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

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