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Muslim Rape Gang Sentenced For Rapes Of 13 & 14-Year-Old Girls – Still No Justice

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Published on: February 29, 2020

People continue to think wrongly that sentencing these criminal antichrists to years in prison for what the Creator said required death to execute justice is justice.  Yet, once again, we see in the United Kingdom a group of antichrist Muslims, following the Quran and Muhammad their leader to do the very criminal acts that warrant the death penalty and those who continue to claim they are Christians deny the law of God and instead, engage in injustice all around.

The story comes from Breitbart:

More “Asian” grooming gang members have been sentenced for raping girls aged 13 and 14 in Huddersfield, England.

Only four of the seven convicted men were named in a West Yorkshire Police statement on the sentencing, with another remaining anonymous for undisclosed reasons — possibly because they are involved in further cases which are subject to reporting restrictions.

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Sentencing judge Geoffrey Marson QC said the abuse was “planned by a large group of Asian men” — in British parlance “Asian” typically refers to people with South Asian roots — and that it was “likely many of these girls will never recover from the abuse they suffered.”

“The way they were abused defies understanding, and was wild and wicked,” he said in comments reported by local media.

The sentences for the four named men were listed by West Yorkshire Police as follows:

Usman Ali (34) of Park Drive, Huddersfield, who was sentenced to eight years in custody after being found guilty of two offences of rape against one victim

Gul Riaz (43) of Balmoral Avenue, Huddersfield, was sentenced to 15 years after being found guilty of an offence of rape and two indecent assaults against one victim and a rape offence against the other

Banaras Hussain (39) of Scarborough Road, Shipley, was sentenced to nine and a half years after being found guilty of an offence of rape against one victim

Abdul Majid (36) of Lightcliffe Road, Huddersfield was sentenced to 11 years after being found guilty of two offences of rape against one victim…

These are not Asian, they are Muslim and everyone knows it.  This is the spin the media puts on it to protect the religion that no one is allowed to speak out against.

Christine Douglass-Williams comments:

The horror of Muslim rape gangs seems never-ending in Britain, and the longer their abuse continues, the more “tolerant” authorities and citizens alike become, as the issue is increasingly viewed as commonplace. One problem is that no headline should ever read “Asian grooming gangs.” They are Muslim rape gangs. The continued cover-up of what is really happening here and the attempt to soften the impact of abuses committed in the name of Islam and/or allowed by the sharia should be vehemently opposed on every level in all Western countries.

The fact that Labor MP Naz Shah got away with retweeting a tweet saying that victims of Muslim rape gangs should “shut up for the good of diversity” is an indicator of just how far the UK has sunk.

Now the entire people of the UK will become slaves to keep these degenerates up for the next decade or more, paying their food, clothing and housing while having their own property and liberty threatened, no doubt, unless they cough up the taxes.

The US is the exact same way, calling itself the land of the free and the home of the brave, while incarcerating the most population of people in the world in cages, many of them for things that truly are not even crimes.

It’s time we brought back public executions and the communities took a hand in it for real capital crimes, such as the ones these men were engaged in.

Not only will it be less expensive, but it will be a lesson to those who must watch and engage in it.

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