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Muslims Claim Offense at National Anthem: It’s Part of “Oppressive Campaign”

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Published on: January 22, 2016

America better wake up to what the usurper-in-chief and his minions, along with a complicit Congress, are allowing into America’s borders. A good lesson could be learned from the folks down under in Australia, who recently offended Muslims for having them sing the country’s national anthem.

The Australian reports:

Requiring schoolchildren to sing the national anthem, and the citizenship pledge supporting democratic values, are part of an oppressive campaign by Australian authorities of “forced assimilation” of the Muslim community, a conference heard this morning.

The conference held by Islamist activist group Hizb ut-Tahrir entitled “Innocent Until Proven Muslim” is taking place at Bankstown in Sydney’s west, attended by about 800 people.

Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Uthman Badar told the conference the Australian government “claims to afford freedom, but seeks to impose values and beliefs” on Muslims.

While I’m not one that seeks to “force” anyone to do anything, the reality is that Islam presents no system for real justice nor has an Islamic system been established that ensures the liberty of men. Rather, for its 1400 year history, Islam has been notorious for oppression, not freedom.

“It’s not enough that you obey the law, no, you have to adopt our values,” Mr Badar told the conference.

Right, and in Islamic countries Mr. Badar, how does that work? Do they impose their culture and values on outsiders? You bet your bottom dollar they do!

Badar claims that Australia presents a “disputed view of history.”

Of course, but here in America, we are fighting a “disputed view of history” of our own that was orchestrated by Abraham Lincoln, the greatest American tyrant next to Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah that America has known! However, our values are biblical ones that are based on those who first established us. Our problem is that, for the most part, we have departed from those values.

“If you don’t share those values, why should they be forced to sing it?” Mr Badar said.

Well, I would ask this, since you don’t share those values, why do you want to live in a country that does? Wouldn’t you be better served moving to Saudi Arabia, or Afghanistan?

Badar claims that Australia’s values are to “make Muslims less Islamic.”

“It is nothing less than forced assimilation … sought to be justified by exaggerated fear of a security threat,” he said.

Now, why would anyone think Muslims are a security threat? They are putting them in their own Navy and allowing them to espouse Islamic views. Furthermore, Australia has paved the way for this ideology by disarming its people and making them a nation of victims, though they are beginning to come around to the reality of what the disarmament means in light of the coming sword of Islam.

Of course, because Australia does not want an Islamic culture! However, though try as it might, Australia will not actually “reform Islam.”

Badar added that thought certain bills have been advanced in Australia to promote “a moderate form of Islam” that would “buy out some Imam,” overall he said, “the attempt to reform Islam is doomed to failure.”

And there you have it. You cannot “reform” Islam. There is no moderate Muslim. That is a fairy tale. You either follow Islam or you are a hypocrite. Christianity works very similarly.

The only way to “reform” an Islamist is to see them converted to Jesus the Christ, the God-man, and have them bow the knee to Him as King. So, American Christians, are you willing to take the Gospel to Islamists in your town? Are you ready to see the power of God that you claim to believe in Romans 1:16?

I sure am! So, let’s learn a lesson about the mentality of Islamists in Australia and begin to deal with it appropriately!

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