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Must See: MIT Medical Doctor Exposes The Lies Of Government & President’s Doctors Concerning Coronavirus & Viruses In General (Video)

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Published on: April 5, 2020

Our friend Brian at High Impact Flix produces some great material, and in one of his most recent inteviews, he discusses viruses, vaccines and the history of certain illnesses and their causes with Dr. Andrew Kaufman, MD.  Dr. Kaufman is saying the exact same things that I uncovered with United Kingdom registered nurse Kate Shemirani.

Now, I’m not going to write a lot on this subject.  I’m going to provide you with the information to listen and research yourself, but know this:  Our president, congressmen, senators and the president’s doctors and advisors on this issue are lying to us.  Additionally, governors and those in state houses are lying to us too and it’s a power grab produced from your fear and ignorance of how viruses work.

Knowledge is power and you need to hear every word in this interview and the following interviews I will add below.

Our liberty and the liberty of our children depend on not only knowing this information, but holding those that have not only lied to us about coronavirus, but have stolen from us, indebted us, enriched their friends, redistributed American wealth, destroyed lives and businesses and pushed us towards the New World Order due to their lies about coronavirus.

Here’s the first interview with Dr. Kaufman.

Additionally, he did a round table discussion on the issue below.

Finally, if you have not listened to my interviews with Kate Shemirani, a UK nurse of 35 years and nutritionist, then you will want to listen to these two interviews below.

On a final note, keep in mind that while hospitals remains virtually empty, they have not turned the full effects of 5g on yet.  Once that takes place, be aware of how many people suddenly get sick, and possibly die.

Remember, these people always tell us what they are doing before they do it and we’ve been told that a wave is coming.  It will come with the rollout of 5G worldwide.

Build up your immune system now, and demand that it not be rolled out until there is several significant studies that are publicly made available the demonstrate it is safe.  Until then, how can we trust the media or politicians who have lied to us over and over?

It’s your responsibility to know the truth and to act on it.


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