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My Reply to Star Trek Sodomite George Takei Calling Clarence Thomas a “Clown in Blackface”

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Published on: July 4, 2015

Sometimes, as they say in showbiz, “less is more.” I can identify with that, being a musician; sometimes, you need to know when to be a worker among workers and not a showboat, even if you happen to be a virtuoso player.

So, last week, George Takei of “Star Trek” fame took offense to statements made by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in his dissenting opinion for the court’s same-sex “marriage” decision of a week ago.

“Dissenting Opinion” means, by the way, that Thomas’s side lost. Just for context…

Takei found it necessary to launch into a racist diatribe against Thomas during a television interview, calling him a “clown in black face” who “does not belong on the Supreme Court,” is “an embarrassment” and “a disgrace to America.”

So, this week, Mr. Takei issued some extremely feeble quasi-apologies for those remarks on his social media accounts. I decided to respond to one of them…

“Here’s what I think: Justice Thomas is so universally reviled by the tolerant, loving liberals in America that Mr. Takei (whose work I have admired since I was 7 freaking years old) walks around like most libs – looking for something at which he may be offended, particularly vis-a-vis sexual orientation. As others have pointed out, one has to take a great deal of liberty with context in order to find Justice Thomas’ opinion statements offensive. What Thomas said was that even if the government/court WAS denying this benefit or perceived right (as the attorney had argued), the dignity of an individual or a segment of society is in no way predicated upon that endorsement or lack thereof. It was a Cyclopean stretch finding offense in that, but hey, if you want to find offense… The big take away from this is that libs are some of the biggest racists going, under the cheap veneer. Lastly, I’ve never seen someone ‘seethe’ as calmly as Mr. Takei said he did in that interview. Just sayin’… #callingbullcrap



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