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Calling out the Golden Boys & the Necessity of Holding Elected Officials Constitutionally Accountable

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Published on: November 15, 2014

There is nothing that gets the ire of some people faster than calling out their “golden boy.” It happened when Senator Ted Cruz was called out about going to the border to hand out “teddy bears and soccer balls;” it has now happened with Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy. By indicating that Gowdy’s response to a news agency’s question regarding impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama was “flippant,” it earned the ire of some who support Gowdy for the Chief Counsel position in government when America returns to the tenets of her founding.

First of all, no one has “discounted” or “thrown away” Mr. Gowdy.  Mr. Gowdy was called out for a less than statesman-like response. Americans should expect their elected officials to speak in public with knowledge, decorum, honesty, and forethought – not flippancy. A more appropriate response to the question asked would be “I’m not going to comment on that at this point in time” or “it would be inappropriate for me to respond to that question right now.” Instead, the comment made was flippant as a reason to not follow the law once seats in Congress change.  Gowdy then followed his flippant comment with a statement that only “pundits and commentators” are talking impeachment along with allies of the man occupying the Oval Office.

As has been stated before and will continue to be stated, “the Constitution is not a Chinese buffet.” No one gets to choose what they like to follow and what they don’t like to follow to be thrown out like waste. In this context, this is referring to the original Constitution of the United States of America, with amendments that correct injustice or housekeeping measures, not the one with the additional “amendments” that grant power to Congress and the federal government.

In the day of our founders, men were more honorable, choosing to forego power in office by excusing themselves from long terms of service – they recognized the position in government as one of service to the people, being a servant rather than a master. However, honor among men degraded and limits to terms had to be established as men who obtained power were loathe to relinquish it or those who sought to influence government needed the type of men that could be influenced. This, in turn, had its downfall, as we have seen in the political arena where men make careers out of being politicians – continuing to run for the same office to afford influence through ever higher attainments to certain influential committees and posts. All the while, these “politicians” line their pockets through under the table deals, “gifts” from wealthy donors, and unsavory acts that would place the common man in jail. Over time, money became the driving force in government.

When a people is moral, its government will be moral, as it is a reflection of the people. While there are moral people in America who seek moral governance and government, there appear to be more immoral people. Whether it be true or not, the current state of government reflects more immorality than morality. Those with monetary wealth, those with “agendas” backed by monetary wealth, and those who “worship” money have gained control leaving the common man who seeks only to live independent and free subjugated to those who have seized control. Because of their attained status dictated by their wealth and their attitude of “entitlement” to run governments, their self-imposed “duty” to “lord” over the masses was gained from their supposition that those without wealth do not have the intellectual capacity to guide their own lives or determine their own fate. Unfortunately, these charlatans were able to “brainwash” millions who now blindly follow these “masters.”

Of course, this is not all there is to what has happened here, but only a few pieces of straw that has accumulated into the pile of hay it is today.

So, it is recognized that this president alone has not created, entirely, the mess that has littered America.  The election of those in Congress who do not hold to the principles of our founding rests on the people — our elected officials reflect the people who elected them.  It is also recognized that Congress, going back over 100 years, has ceased to function within the enumerated powers of Congress, and that the people continued in their course to elect criminals, unsavory individuals, and communist/socialist/Marxist ideologues to office instead of statesmen who would uphold the tenets of our constitutional republic

It is recognized that many presidents have contributed to the downfall of this nation through their subversive actions. However, Congress, along with the people, remained unmoved to affect change for whatever reason. Impeachment has been viewed as a “nasty” process to affect upon a president of this nation. Impeachment is a much better alternative than the historical remedy of assassination to rid a country of an obnoxious leader. The question still begs of itself, “If not impeachment, what?” How does a country rid itself of a leader who is antithetical to its founding while that leader is still serving his term in office?

Yes, the Congress has committed crimes against the people and operated outside its enumerated powers, but the people continue to elect these same criminals into office to continue their lawlessness.  Congress has the authority to expel its members who are “errant” in their behavior, but they have not done so. Why? The political parties have basically “gained control” of the system, Democrats and Republicans–who at one time were one party, but split–effectively snuffing out the others. It is an operation of “different sides of the same coin.” Both parties have effectively prevented the firm establishment of others that might be more suited to maintaining and upholding individual freedom. All the while the established parties are backed by the most wealthy individuals in the nation.

It is recognized that the federal government, aka Congress and the departments, has pillaged and plundered much from the people of this nation as well as other nations, established the greatest spy mechanism against its own citizens as well as those in other sovereign nations, pilfered land from the states it had no right to take, along with robbing earnings from the people through ever more increasing taxation, etc. While some people of this nation would oppose other nations pillaging ours, spying on our citizens and citizens of other nations, stealing land and robbing income, it would appear that the majority see these actions as acceptable. Even if the majority did not see this as acceptable, those with wealth who are “guiding” the government see it as so based upon their attitude of “entitlement due to wealth.” The adage that has been heard in numerous documentaries on the captains of industry as “men who shaped the nation” may be more telling than just propelling America’s economy and growth.

Add to this mixture the wealthy individuals of other nations and it has become clear the wealthy have dictated much concerning the government of every free nation in the world.

The power of the states in safeguarding the people against tyrannical government diminished with the advent of the War of Northern Aggression or the War to Subjugate the States.  An American president turned the power of the United States’ defenses against the people who were exercising states’ rights. It was not about the abolition of slavery but the subjugation of all states to the power of the federal government. Slavery was the emotional issue used to divide the nation, to “stir the pot,” to agitate those into action at the appropriate time. As is so often forgotten, even individuals residing in the northern states had slaves. And, the invention of the cotton gin soon after the “civil war” replaced manual labor. The power of the states was further diminished with the “buying off” of state governments with federal money for programs the federal government had no authority to institute or establish.  It set a precedent that federal forces could be used against the people for opposing federal government actions.

Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson, along with other presidents, did much to place power in the hands of the federal government – aided and abetted by the Congress and cheered by the American public.

While it is not believed any president or Congress can save or ruin individuals, the individuals have allowed presidents and Congress to do so by their apathy, inaction, and continuation of electing criminals, charlatans, and unsavory individuals to “serve” them throughout our history. The people have elected the same to serve in their state and local governments. When we as individuals begin to think of those in these positions as “beyond reproach” for comments or actions, we abdicate our job as overseer of the government and its function – to secure life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness for all and upholding the self-evident truths contained in the Declaration of Independence. These individuals should be reminded on every occasion of their duty, their responsibility and the code of behavior that is expected of one who has been elected to “serve” the people as their representative.

If these individuals discount what is the law, they should be held to task as they were elected to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, regardless of popularity, personality, or position. Because the people have failed to do so throughout our history, for whatever reason, America has now been witness to the opening of Pandora’s box. While much was released by opening of that box, what remained inside was hope. It is with that hope that politicians, regardless of popularity or likeability, are taken to task for their actions and comments – a hope that, one day, some of these office holders, who have the ability and capability, will act like statesmen to do what is right. What is right is to adhere to God’s law while upholding, supporting, protecting, and defending the Constitution.

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