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Samuel Morris: Wanted to Evangelize Africa – Instead Prepared a University for its Mission to the World

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Published on: November 15, 2014

Today, we are going to talk about a kid named Samuel Morris, who was called Prince Kaboo in his tribe. His father was the Chief of his tribe.

One day, Samuel and his father were talking in a field in Africa, when suddenly the whole army of one of his father’s enemy tribes overtook Samuel and his father. When the tribesmen brought Samuel and his father to their tribe, the Chief told Samuel’s father that they had to bring him lots of food every full moon. If he did not bring the Chief an acceptable amount of food, they would kill Prince Kaboo (Samuel Morris). Therefore, every full moon, Kaboo’s father would bring the Chief lots of food.

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After Kaboo’s father had brought the Chief every scrap of food his tribe had, the Chief was still not satisfied. Consequently, they killed Kaboo’s father. A little while after they had killed him, they started to tie Kaboo against the pole to which they were going to kill him on. At the moment when the Chief was going to throw a spear at him, suddenly, the ropes that were holding him to the pole were loosed and Kaboo fell to the ground. A couple of seconds later, Kaboo heard a voice from Heaven saying, “Run Kaboo, run!” Kaboo ran!

Kaboo survived the jungles for weeks. He was found by one of his friends and brought to Church where he found Jesus Christ and repented of his sins and followed Jesus as Lord.

Kaboo wanted to go to New York to learn more about God from a missionary school, so that he could be a missionary to his people.

When Samuel arrived in New York to go to the school after a long and hard boat trip, he started telling everybody about his story and was an inspiration to everyone at the school. He spoke at schools, churches, and many meetings.

While Samuel Morris attended school in New York, he saw snow for the first time. One night, when Samuel was late for one of his church meetings, he ran out the door in a hurry and forgot his coat. He thought he would be fine, but ended up getting sick because of it and died soon after.

His mission in life was to prepare to be a missionary to Africa, but as the Lord would see fit, Samuel Morris ended up preparing the school in New York for its mission to the world!

Well, what did you think of that? Pretty cool, huh?! I hope that you had fun reading this. Thank you so much for reading this article.

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