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Never Trumper Declaring the Donald Sociopathic Seeks Funding for Movie over Sour Grapes Revelation from Ghost Writer

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Published on: July 22, 2016

There is nothing quite like the stench of “sour grapes.”  Since Donald Trump secured the Republican Party nomination for candidate for president, the air has filled with the stench of “sour grapes” coming from a few who lost to Trump.  In fact, a former associate of Donald Trump, his ghostwriter for the book “The Art of the Deal” who remained silent all these years, has now declared Trump to be a “sociopath” and a Never- Trumper is borrowing the personality disorder name for a movie about “The Donald.”  

In a July 20, 2016, article at “The Atlantic,” ghostwriter Tony Schwartz declared “if he were writing The Art of the Deal today, it would be a very different book with a very different title:  The Sociopath.”   In it, Schwartz said he “genuinely believe[s] that if Trump wins and gets the nuclear codes, there is an excellent possibility it will lead to the end of civilization.”  Schwartz professed great remorse at “putting lipstick on a pig.”

Likewise, an article in the New Yorker claimed:

Trump, facing a crowd that had gathered in the lobby of Trump Tower, on Fifth Avenue, laid out his qualifications, saying, “We need a leader that wrote ‘The Art of the Deal.’ ” If that was so, Schwartz thought, then he, not Trump, should be running. Schwartz dashed off a tweet: “Many thanks Donald Trump for suggesting I run for President, based on the fact that I wrote ‘The Art of the Deal.’ ”

According to the New Yorker, Schwartz received a byline on the cover which earned him half of the five hundred thousand dollar advance and half of the royalties on sales.  “The Art of the Deal” spent 48 weeks on the Times best-seller list with 13 spent at number one.  The New Yorker claimed Schwartz contemplated writing an article about his reservations concerning Trump.  However, he decided against it since he had “cashed in” on the book, which could damage his credibility and have his motives be suspect.  Yet, in June, Schwartz reconsidered and broke his silence.

Now, a self-proclaimed Never-Trumper is “cashing in” on Schwartz’s “revelations” for a movie using the same term Schwartz said he would use if writing Trump’s book today.

Ben Howe, contributing editor for “conservative news outlet RedState,” garners disdain for Trump, which he has no problem showing, but his total disdain for Trump’s candidacy is leading to a movie venture entitled, “The Sociopath.”  Howe is attempting to raise money for the venture on the crowdfunding site GoFundMe to outline the meteoric rise of Trump on the political scene, his “hijacking” of the Republican Party, and his duping of millions of conservative voters “to cast a ballot for him” in the Presidential primary.  So far, at the time of writing this article, the project has garnered $2,985 of the listed $30k goal.

According to Howe, he, along with a team of three at Howe Creative, is spearheading the project, but he boasts the support of “fellow Never-Trumpers Resurgent writer Erick Erickson, RedState managing editor Leon Wolf and Republican strategists Liz Mair and Rick Wilson.”  Howe claims his main focus is “stopping Trump.”

According to the Blaze:

“This is about the fact that Trump is not suited to sit in the Oval Office as a matter of human decency, not simply that his policies would be objectionable. Whether it pushes people to support Gary Johnson or to abstain from voting, that’s up to the individual,” Howe told TheBlaze, referring to the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee. “This film’s only purpose is to show people who Trump really is in the context of a presidential candidate, and with longer exposure than the sound bites that most people get of him.”

Howe said he understands why some might see the project as a “movie-length campaign ad” for Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, but insists Trump is “way too far outside of the bounds of what is acceptable that even a criminal would be preferable to having an unstable sociopath with the nuclear codes.”

In looking at the mental disorder classified in the DSM-IV and DSM-V as “sociopath” and the IDC-9 diagnostic criteria to be diagnosed a “sociopath,” an individual has to satisfy three or more of the requirements.  Readers can review the source and this additional reference and determine on their own if Donald J. Trump satisfies the diagnostic criteria for being a “sociopath.”  Granted, Donald Trump has an “over-inflated ego” and some might say he has a “grandiose  sense of self” but those straits are exhibited in many who are not sociopathic.

In June of 2014, the article, “The Twenty-Fifth Amendment & Barack Obama’s Mental Illness,” appeared on Freedom Outpost.  The article outlined the case for removing Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah from office based on the evidence of the man in the Oval Office suffering from Mythomania or pseudological fantastica, narcissistic personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder and being sociopathic.  In December of 2014, Dave Hodges penned an article outlining the same case for removal of Hussein Soetoro with the addition of the mental illness paranoid personality disorder.  More recently, in June of this year, Michael DePinto laid out his case for removal of Hussein Soetoro under the Twenty-Fifth Amendment citing numerous sources questioning the mental stability of the man in the Oval Office.  Editor and author at Freedom Outpost, Tim Brown, penned an article in October of 2015 citing a European Union diplomat questioning the mental health of Soetoro.

Where were Howe, Erickson, Wolf, Mair and Wilson in searching for “mental illness” in the current man in the Oval Office before he was elected or even after he was elected?  Where were Howe, Erickson, Wolf, Mair, and Wilson when Dinesh D’Souza released his first documentary film about Hussein Soetoro?  More aptly, where were the Republican Party, the Republican members of the House of Representatives, and Senate Republican members when these articles were questioning the mental stability of Hussein Soetoro and made convincing cases for removal under the Twenty-Fifth Amendment?  Where has any Republican Party member or lamestream enemedia journalist been when Dan from Squirrel Hill painstakingly documented the transgressions of Hussein Soetoro, which now amounts to 1,202 examples?

While not a Never-Trumper or a Trump supporter, this writer questions the motives of these individuals who are seeking to produce a movie, slated for release one month before the general election, on the current Republican nominee declaring the man to be a “sociopath” when all have ignored the mental illness of Hussein Soetoro.  Howe claims it is better to have a criminal, in the form of Hillary Clinton, sitting in the Oval Office than an “unstable sociopath.”  Yet, a case could be made for the mental illness of one Hillary Clinton to be as extensive as one Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah.  So, one has to question the well-known pundits of Erickson, Mair, Wilson and Wolf of supporting such an endeavor that could put a criminal and another certifiably mentally ill individual in the White House.  While their efforts are focused on Trump, they indisputably let slide the criminal activity of one Hillary Rodham Clinton and never address the possibility of mental illness in this woman who exhibits many of the same characteristics of the man in the Oval Office.

One also has to question the Republican Party of attempting to destroy the Party because the population, in favor of an “outsider,” rejected the establishment.  

Howe is correct in one statement.  “‘Republicans have to wake up to the fact that we have been part of and contributing to a machine that does not work towards fixing America’s problems — it works towards maintaining the status quo,’ Howe said.”  Yet, when voters reject the “establishment” that seeks to continue the “status quo” by selecting an individual outside the establishment, Howe is ready to subvert the voice of the people over the “sour grapes” attitude of a ghostwriter, who knowingly accepted the job of writing on behalf of another and received monetary gain for it for 25 years.  Only when Trump announced his candidacy and won the Republican presumptive nomination did this individual search out the media in order to garner some 15-minute fame he feels may have been denied him when he helped write, “The Art of the Deal.”

But, let’s all face facts here.  The problems occurring in the republic now stem from a Congress who refuses to follow the Constitution and hold accountable Hussein Soetoro for executive over-reach, treason, criminal behavior, lawlessness, and numerous violations of the Constitution.  The only reason Hussein Soetoro has been able to inflict as much damage as has been inflicted upon this republic is through the inaction of Congress, which is composed of a majority of Republicans in both the House and the Senate.  The reason Hillary Clinton has not been held accountable is the corruption that exists in the District of Corruption, a corruption perpetuated by both Republicans and Democrats.

Howe claims, “This film’s only purpose is to show people who Trump really is in the context of a presidential candidate, and with longer exposure than the sound bites that most people get of him.”  He recognizes that the voter base knows the political machine works to maintain the status quo but accuses voters of taking their outrage to extremes that “have damaged the party and conservatism.”  It sounds more like Howe is interested in the image of the Republican Party and the ruse of Republican conservatism than reality.  But, if the people’s outrage truly was taken to “extreme,” the people would invoke the Declaration of Independence and secure new guards for the future.

As this writer has stated before, and will maintain, there are only two types of individuals – constitutionalists and anti-constitutionalists.  Many self-proclaimed conservatives actually hold some anti-constitutional and anti-Biblical viewpoints and principles.  The same can be said for self-proclaimed liberals who hold some constitutional and Biblical viewpoints and principles.  The point is this is not about “party.”  It’s about values and principles.  

As we have seen, the “party” system is a failure;  a system bent on skewing values, principles and constitutional tenets into a web of deception and agenda to agrandize self-serving career politicians at the expense of this republic and its people.  However, in order to engage in politics, individuals who seek office are almost required to campaign and run under the banner of the two major political forces.  And, to secure the position of the “party,” individuals are required to pledge to vote for or support the party candidate regardless of stance.  As we are finding out, the pledge to vote for or support the party candidate regardless of stance only applies when that candidate is the “establishment” choice.

Whether Trump stands on what he claims to embrace or not, the Republican voter base has rejected the “establishment” as they view Trump as the outsider in a well-oiled political machine designed to “empower” government while “subjugating” the people.  Some in the Democratic voter base have also rejected the “status quo,” leaving the Hillary “socialist/communist camp” to embrace freedom.  In other words, rejection of both Democratic and Republican “establishments” are coming to pass because of the entry of Donald Trump into the political arena, the corruption evident in Washington on overt display for the past almost eight years, the almost “entitled” attitude of Hillary Clinton to the highest office in this republic, despite her and Bill’s criminal past, and the complicity of the lamestream enemedia to shove liberal, progressive, unconstitutional ideology down the throats of the public.

To ease Howe’s mind, should Donald Trump be elected, the House and the Senate will have little problem using the Constitution and its tenets for impeachment and the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to remove Trump from office while both chambers have allowed the lawless, criminal, treasonous, mentally ill Hussein Soetoro to slide.  After all, there will be no race, religious or phobic reasons to prevent the Congress from exercising the Constitution, but plenty of “sour grapes” to encourage the actions.

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