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New Bill Will Fully Exempt Law Enforcement From Paying Income Tax

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Published on: February 5, 2022

One of the main reasons people comply with tax requirements in the United States is due to fear of an audit and the subsequent jail sentence that could come along with it. If you choose to avoid paying the state their fair share, you will be audited and told an amount to pay. If you refuse to pay what the state claims you owe them, you will be kidnapped. If you resist your kidnappers with force, you will be killed.

Though the above scenario is an extreme example, the system is literally set up in this way and if all the above conditions are met, that is exactly what will happen.

The men and women in marble buildings who write these laws to steal your money will not be the ones coming to take you away, however, it will be their enforcement class — cops. Knowing that cops are the ones who will put you in jail for refusing to pay taxes makes the following proposed bill that much more egregious.

In Georgia, lawmakers have filed legislation that will exempt law enforcement officers from paying state income taxes. That’s right. The very folks who will come to your home and kidnap you for refusing to pay taxes, will be exempt from the very thing for which they will arrest you.

Georgia Virtue reports that House Bill 992 was filed last week by Republican State Representatives Rick Williams, Bill Hitchens, Matthew Gambill, Alan Powell, and Stan Gunter.

Highlighting the corrupt nature of the bill is the fact that several of the bill’s sponsors used to be cops and they stand to directly benefit from its passage. According to the report, Hitchens previously served as the Colonel of the Georgia State Patrol and his son, Billy Hitchens, is now second in command for the agency. Rep. Gunter previously served as the Executive Director of the Prosecuting Attorney’s Council of Georgia and Powell previously served as the Chair of the House Public Safety Committee.

The single page bill states that anyone involved with “enforcing criminal laws and exercising the power of arrest,” will have “full exemption” from the state’s income tax. The broad definition will apply to prosecutors, attorneys general, district attorneys and anyone else involved in the enforcement of criminal laws. Must be nice.

A similar bill was filed in Kentucky two weeks ago as a means of bolstering the recruitment of cops. “People have stopped … becoming police officers,” State Rep. Ryan Dotson said. “So, we’re trying to incentivize people who go into and stay in that line of work by passing something that will appeal to them financially.”

To be clear, we are all about eliminating the income tax, it is a huge step in the right direction. If Kentucky, Georgia, and Missouri, who considered a similar bill in 2020, exempted everyone from income tax, a lot more people — not just cops — would consider moving to their states.

But they couldn’t do that, right? After all, “who would build the roads without tax”?!

Sadly, this is the argument by confused souls across the planet who think they need to be extorted by government — that often pays 1,000 times more for labor and materials — to have things like roads.

But the answer to that question is simple. Government does not build roads, private companies do. The government simply steals money from you and then pays private contractors to do the work — often times in backroom deals which cost taxpayers far more than it should.

Certainly after thousands of years of civilization, humans can figure out how to build roads without stealing from one another, right?

What’s more, the income tax didn’t exist originally in this county. In less than a century, however, people went from keeping the entire product of their labor to being threatened with government force if they don’t offer up a certain percentage. This is slavery.

If you disagree, what percentage of the product of your labor can be stolen that makes it not slavery?

Sadly, most Americans today do not know they are slaves. Of course, this notion sounds insane on the surface. However, try to keep 100% of the product of your labor and see if you do not get punished by the state, thrown in prison and forced into labor. No, the masters of today don’t use whips and chains to keep us oppressed; they use the law and the money.

And now, they are making it entirely clear that they don’t want to play by the same rules.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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