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Nothing’s Too Grave To Dislodge The Left’s Vile Ambitions

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Published on: April 2, 2020

During the impeachment proceedings held against President Donald Trump earlier this year, I was at first tempted to refer to the high-profile House Democrats who were driving the process (House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, for example) as “rogue Democrats.” At the time, I asserted at least once in this space that the gangster-like deportment of House Democrats and their surrogates in the press had unequivocally affirmed the complete lack of moral obligation and ethics on the part of these entities.

At this juncture, it is quite clear that such an appellation would have been completely misplaced, since the lack of moral obligation and ethics I referenced extends quite a bit further than a cabal of die-hard leftists in the House and the press.

It is also clear that its scope far exceeds their imperative to “get” President Trump.

If the impeachment phenomenon weren’t enough to unequivocally establish the political left’s complete lack of moral obligation and ethics, we now have the Covid-19 pandemic, which is serving to even further cement their subversive role.

Whether it’s a doddering hag in the personage of our House speaker, spouting thoroughly baseless propaganda regarding the president’s response to the pandemic and likening him to the Roman emperor Nero, press efforts to stultify coverage of President Trump’s daily news briefings whilst supporting the Chinese government’s coronavirus propaganda efforts or The New York Times taking a vicious, catty swipe at evangelical Christians, it is now plain to see that there will never be any lie too big to tell, nor any circumstance too grave to set aside their evil ambitions for a single moment.

“Meanwhile, the public approves the handling of this once-in-a-lifetime crisis, perhaps because they’re smarter than the journalists who love to deceive them,” Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld opined on Saturday. It also bears mentioning that based on a Gallup poll released last Wednesday, the media was the only institution to score a negative approval rating from the public on the topic of COVID-19, with only 44% of Americans approving of the way the media have covered the virus.

To which I would hasten to add how personally grateful I am that fate chose this particular time to visit the COVID-19 pandemic upon us, rather than when President Trump’s predecessor was in office, given the hard and delicate decisions Trump has had to make, and will have to make in upcoming weeks.

That said, it has not escaped my notice that there are a great many Americans who have been singularly outraged by the response of their state and local governments attendant to the pandemic. This has been largely in areas in which leftists are the preeminent political influence. In many cases, the outraged Americans protest that this crisis has afforded their socialist overlords the opportunity to flex their fascistic muscles even as they decry the Trump administration’s handling of the crisis.

On March 23, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo released an executive order that effectively ended pharmacists’ ability to prescribe the antiviral medication hydroxychloroquine for treating COVID-19, despite the evidence of a New York physician who was successfully treating patients with the drug. Cuomo cited specious Food and Drug Administration (FDA) policy regarding extra-label (or “off-label”) use of the drug to explain his position, but as someone who has actually worked with the FDA in the area of infectious disease research and drug approval, I can tell you that Cuomo’s case was very, very thin.

In fact, it was so thin that it begged the question of whether or not Cuomo had some reason for wanting this pandemic to persist. FDA guidelines on off-label drug use are very soft; soft enough for practically any physician to prescribe any approved drug for nearly any use, so it’s a cinch that a standing governor could waive such guidelines with little worry of negative repercussions.

It was only the announcement by Vice President Mike Pence on the following day that the Food and Drug Administration was immediately approving off-label use of hydroxychloroquine that prompted Cuomo to rescind his order and fast-track his state for clinical trials of the drug against the novel virus. Cuomo still remains resistant to extending hydroxychloroquine’s use beyond those trials in his state for reasons that remain obscure given the empirical evidence.

Then, there are issues such as California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva imposing orders in the wake of the pandemic that effectively restricted the sale of firearms and ammunition. Many Californians saw this as their governor and his surrogates using the pandemic as a pretext for jumping the gun (no pun intended) and imposing a sort of “soft” martial law in California.

On the one hand, it can be mildly amusing to hear the incoherent, enfeebled entreaties of Nancy Pelosi because so few will ever take her seriously at this point, or the inane intellectual meanderings of Andrew Cuomo, who sort of resembles King Louie from “The Jungle Book,” attempting to wax profound and govern a state in crisis whilst entertaining the lofty ambition of getting drafted as the Democratic presidential nominee this year.

On the other hand, this pandemic is a deadly serious business, and I pray that this fact has been driven home for America in the context of who is governing us.

Little doubt that there’s a substantial element of the political left hoping that if they engage in enough slander, histrionics and misdirection, they can engender enough ongoing and widespread fear regarding the coronavirus pandemic that citizens will overlook how the crisis dramatically underscores the need for such things as leaders who respect the rule of law, secure borders and a health care system unfettered by the endemic bureaucracy and inefficiency of big-government policies.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

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