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Now the Words “Melting Pot” are Racist

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Published on: June 27, 2015

Now the words “melting pot” are racist. Here’s why.

“Melting pot” means assimilation of different things into one. What one thing does America stand for? As Charlie Sheen so eloquently put it, “Winning!”

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

America is about making money and amassing wealth. The communists hate this, as an ideological foundation. The rest of the world is, of course, jealous of this. Many people use this as motivation to leave their country and come to America to win; to stop losing. Others merely let it fester to hatred, to destroy us.

Certain people in America, mainly communists, help the people who hate us. We are infiltrated thereby. Our President is a communist. Whatever you think his religion is, he is a communist at heart. He facilitates our enemies and attacks our winning.

The liberal progressives hate winning also. They make everything about fairness. Some do this out of actual misplaced love, thinking that enabling is helpful. Many others do this out of hatred for winning, and against America.

Winning IS making money. Winning IS capitalism and amassing wealth. Losing is communism, not just because it is against us, but because communism is loss of ambition and creativity. There is no great motivator except fear for your life. That is not winning.

The other winning in America is victory in battle. Sure, sometimes we delude ourselves, but mainly America is a winner.

  • We won WW2.
  • We won WW1.
  • We won the Mexican War.
  • We won the Spanish-American War.
  • We won the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.
  • We even won the standoff at the Bay of Pigs.

But lately, winning has seemed a little foreign to America’s troops. We win battles, but somehow not wars. We permit the enemy to laugh at us, not just communists with nuclear weapons, but tribal nomads with RPGs.

We let ISIS parade in Ramadi and don’t strike them down while they parade. That is an intentional blow to our morale, chosen directly by our President to happen. We lost on purpose. We are not America when we lose.

We are not winning, and now we are whining. We do not monitor the border, and we whine about it. The border breach is changing our demographics to the point where our culture cannot retain.

The melting pot will not change. It will still be winning. But winning what?

The progressive view is that white people have had it long enough. Time to let other races have what we have. There are multiple issues with this.

The first is the lawlessness with which this is happening. America is a welcoming country for immigrants, unlike many other nations. But there is a process. The progressives call this racist. This is because the white civilization is where the magnet draws. The American melting pot which the progressives themselves see as white IS the magnet which draws.

This magnet does not draw if it disappears.

When the melting pot changes, why would people continue to come? So, the progressive agenda for American demographics actually changes the magnet so it will not draw. They say that to notice this is racist, but it doesn’t matter.

At some point, you have to stop hating your own race. At some point, you have to like what you have and what you are.

The second issue is hatred. The type of people progressives enable are lawless criminals who breach our border in a lawless fashion. It doesn’t matter how poor they are, how faultless, how ignorant – it’s lawless. Progressives act as if these people are starving and that a free pass over the border is food. It’s not.

It’s a trade of lawfulness for misplaced compassion, which is a euphemism for hatred of white people.

It’s not that Mexicans hate white people. For the most part, they like white people, but white progressives hate white people. They hate themselves to the point that they vow not to have white children, as if that is a plague. Oddly, they will embrace every other deficiency of mankind, but not their own whiteness.

And it’s not just the border. We have a lawless Congress which deals in the shadiest deals, using the most obvious lies. They are liars and frauds.

So why do we keep reelecting them? Are we stupid? Do we deserve this treatment? Are we in Stockholm Syndrome? Do we believe the progressive lie that we deserve punishment for being white?

The problem is, this lying fraudulent government also affect the very people progressives profess to love: Black people, Mexican people, Asians, women, homosexuals – everyone loses. But because we’ve been pitted against each other, we think one wins when the other loses. How selfish that is to begin with!

But it’s false anyway.

We ALL lose when the lying fraudulent government puts one over.

  • Obamacare destroys everyone.
  • The tax code destroys everyone.
  • Onerous regulations destroys everyone.
  • Corruption destroys everyone.

I would say that a popular revolution is the answer, but the voting booth IS the popular revolution. And, as I have already pointed out, we keep reelecting the same lying frauds.

So, if we won’t change our voting habits, why would I believe there will be a popular revolution?

The Tea Party is a force for good but is weak. Occupy Wall Street is communist and is weak. The illegal immigration movement is lawless and is weak. Even the radicals are weak in our weakened whining America. It’s really pathetic.

We can’t police our police. We can’t beat down the radical. So, we beat on each other in pathetic weakness.

We weaken our churches by permitting definitively, sinful behavior; not even in the name of peace, but in the name of cowardice.

We permit corruption in government by not demanding change to integrity.

We just yell epithets and go back to our lounge chair and Prozac and hot chocolate.

There are a few who object to my image of American vigor, who say we’re not beaten yet, but there are so few now who actually care enough to run for office. There are so few now who actually show up to town council meetings. There are so few now who actually believe they have any power.

So we whine. And we all lose.

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