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Obama & Administration Impeached and Indicted – It Can be a Reality!

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Published on: September 30, 2014

What if you woke up this morning, opened up the newspaper or turned on the TV to your local news channel and saw this:

“The Obama administration found criminal and corrupt. Impeachment will take place this week and all administrative officials who have continuously broken the laws of our Constitutional Republic will be tried, convicted and brought to justice.”

Would you not be shocked? I know I would, but why is that?  Because American citizens have fallen so far from our Constitution and what our forefathers believed, fought, and died for, that we think justice (a simple things such as justice, where you let the punishment fit the crime) is impossible!

I am reminded of the true story of William Wallace, most of you know him as “Braveheart.”  He was told by the “Nobles” of Scotland that it was impossible to defeat the tyrannical king of England and his minions (which held Scotland in captivity to their tyrannical ways).  They we’re told they could not defeat them.  They were too many, too strong in every way for Scotland… Or so they thought.

But one man, William Wallace, knew more than the “Nobles” of Scotland.  He knew that freedom was not a gift granted to them by mere men or a tyrant king, but freedom was a right guaranteed to every man by God!

Freedom was not a thing to be stripped away from the common people because a tyrant rose high above them with a vast army, freedom was God ordained and Christ bought.  

The people of Scotland, outnumbered, outmatched, starving, and without even the proper weapons to fight with, followed William Wallace in battle. And although it was a high-cost to pay (namely, the life of William Wallace himself) they won their freedom and were delivered from the tyrannical king of England.

How could this be? How could the starving commoners defeat a skilled, well-trained, heavily armored army?  It was because their freedom was more precious to them than anything in the world, and they would rather die than have it taken away.  Their resolve was as iron because they were willing to follow one man who believed. He hoped against all odds, believed God for the impossible, and look at the results!

Now take that to America.  The “Nobles,” or shall we say most Congressmen and women, will not stand up against the crimes that have befallen “we the people” from this administration.  They have titles and positions and which they don’t want to lose much like the “Nobles” of Scotland in the day.  

But the tyrannical king of England was not defeated by the “Nobles,” the king of England was defeated by the people.  Where are the William Wallaces of today to lead the way? I am sure there could be thousands of men and women just like William Wallace if they would only step up to the plate, speak out, and do that which God has placed within their heart to do.

You say, “America needs leaders.”  Well, what about you?  “America needs honest men and women in government.” Well, what about you?  “America needs godly men and women to speak from the pulpits in the churches to proclaim God’s Law and true love in demonstration once again.” Well, what about YOU?

If you’re waiting for someone else to do the job that you are called to do, it’s never going to happen.  Most of the time, if you want to get something done, you’re going to have to play the man or woman and get the job done yourself.  The Lord will provide the people, He’s just looking for a Joshua and Caleb who will believe the good report and take the land that the Lord already promised to give them. (Numbers 14:24; Numbers 32:11-12)

The Lord is looking for an Esther willing to go before the king at the risk of her own life to save her people.  The Lord is looking for Daniel who was unwilling to bend and bow to the decree of the king and was faithful to pray to his God and his God alone.  The Lord is looking for a Moses who went directly to the face of Pharaoh and said, “Let my people go!”

Are you one the Lord is looking for? Are you a man or a woman who has deliberately diverted from the call of God in your life?  I know I am speaking to some who are running, but remember, you can run but you cannot hide from God!  

Justice doesn’t need to be something we only dream about that in reality will never happen, justice brought forth to establish righteousness (Isaiah 59) can be the reality that we leave to our children, so their reality will be as it should be.

In our pledge we state, “With Liberty and Justice for All.”  It doesn’t say justice for all unless you are the president of United States, or an Attorney General?  I believe the word “Justice” applies to all and means all!  Will you answer the call?  Will you be the next William Wallace, Daniel or Esther, or will it be too late because you capitulated with an enemy who is out to destroy? You decide!

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