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Obama Dishonors our Military Men and Women by Ignoring the Evil of Islamic Terror

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Published on: July 23, 2015

We lost 5 of our finest last week. Five young men that served our country, 3 came back from tours overseas and continued their service encouraging others to do the same.

I have spoken to many of these young men and women asking them why they serve. Why put your life on the line for a cause they often don’t seem to get much support for?

The answer is always the same, but it’s never the pay! Nope. It’s not the benefits, not the education or housing or food! It has nothing to do with seeing the world or those great uniforms they get. What would possess these young people to serve? Their answer is always; “We love this country, sir.” They usually go on to say that they want to protect the freedoms this country offers all its citizens and that they still believe this is the best country on the planet.

The never complain about a living wage, living arrangements, work hours, time off, internet access, or sleeping accommodations because they love what they do and they believe that they are doing the right thing.

Do you know where the largest concentration of military recruits come from? The South! Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina. Tennessee, Texas, and so on. In the South, approximately 7 out of every thousand people enlist, as opposed to less than 3 out of every thousand from California, New York, and Massachusetts. We’ve been pummeling Southerners for being racists, yet their actions prove that they love this country (and all the people in it) enough to make what could be the ultimate sacrifice. Meanwhile, some of those “other” states can only complain about the country and those “racists.”

Some of our service personnel are seriously injured, yet can’t wait to get back to the battlefield! And then there are those who simply can’t go back to the battlefield.

And how do we honor these people who give their lives for us? By not protecting them! We honor them by ignoring the real and present danger. In other words… we don’t honor them at all!

We don’t honor them until it’s too late. We give them medals for coming home with missing limbs. We honor them by giving a flag to their families when they pay the ultimate sacrifice. We honor them by considering lowering standards for a certain groups of people to get in because it’s politically correct (something our military should never be). We honor them by turning what was the most respected military force on the planet into a military you might be able to count on if the higher ups give the order in time to make a difference. That’s not honor!

And now, our president further dishonors our military by not acknowledging what really happened in Chattanooga. Five military men were gunned down by an ISIS sympathizer, on American soil, and our President calls it an isolated incident by a “lone gunman.”

I’ve gone from giving him the benefit of the doubt, to calling it what it is… This President is delusional.

He must mean it’s an isolated incident like those Boston Bombing cowards. You know, those 2 young men with Muslim extremist connections? Sure. It’s that kind of isolated incident.

How about a few other isolated incidents?

September 2014, Oklahoma: A Sharia advocate beheads a woman after calling for Islamic terror and posting an Islamist beheading photo.

June 2014, West Orange, New Jersey: A 19-year-old college student is shot to death ‘in revenge’ for Muslim deaths overseas.

June 2014, Seattle, Washington: Two homosexuals are murdered by an Islamic extremist.

April 2014, Skyway, Washington: A 30-year-old man is murdered by a Muslim fanatic.

Since 9/11 we have had almost 50 attacks on U.S. soil in the name of Islam or in the name of ISIS. Another 30+ were stopped before they occurred.

Most of the attackers yelled praises to Allah before committing these acts. Yet, the incidences have been deemed everything from workplace violence to single acts of deranged people.

We can still buy ISIS flags and get ISIS-themed cakes made. There is no resounding noise or uprising to ban the ISIS flag image like there was after the single shooting incident in Charleston, South Carolina.

When Dylann Roof gunned down 9 black people in that church Charleston, you would have thought from the subsequent media coverage that he was speaking for all people associated with the Confederate flag and that shootings associated with a Confederate flag were a regular occurrence that had to be stopped, now! He never yelled “Long live the South” or “The South will rise again” or any other chant while doing so. Overwhelmingly, the American populous, including Southerners, denounced his actions. His only real connection to the Confederate flag was that he was pictured with it, but it became the central focus. And the fallout from that one shooting continues with Civil War memorials being removed and soldiers being exhumed!

One racially motivated incident, by one deranged shooter, who happened to be photographed with a Confederated battle flag, caused such furor that history is actively being rewritten right in front of us.

Compare that to 50 attacks on US soil by Islamic extremists. Are there any calls to ban the flag? Nope. That ISIS flag is still easy to find here in the U.S. of A.

What is this double-standard? Why do some atrocities simply draw a gasp while others incite riots? And why do some groups always seems get a pass?

I’ve come to the conclusion, if you are white and commit a crime using a gun you are tagged as a “right-wing, conservative, gun-loving, homophobic, bigoted racist” and represent all in the “White _______ ” fill in the blank categories.

But if you happen to be a “devoted Muslim, with beheading videos and ISIS propaganda all over your home and in your computer” and are even writing blogs to join the cause, you are a “lone wolf” with no ties to any other Muslim extremists. There’s no pattern here.

There isn’t enough booze or drugs to make that garbage make sense.

Speak out and speak up! Be the non-violent “Lone Wolf” and make a difference by speaking the truth.

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