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Obama Has Opened the Gates of Hell on Our Cities

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Published on: October 26, 2015

Look around your city today. See if you notice any recent changes.

Randolph Holder, a NYPD cop, was killed this past Tuesday night by a thug who’s been arrested 28 times since he was 13 years old, including an arrest in a shooting. The judge put him in a treatment program rather than sending him back to jail.

Four NYPD officers have been killed in the past 10 months.

Chaos is on the rise in our cities. And I blame Barack Obama for stoking it. He has opened the gates of hell on America.

There are reasons to destabilize cities. Far left politicians like Obama know that good men and women won’t vote for them. So why not populate cities with those who will help bring their “change”?

Another reason to destabilize a city is to use its debased condition as an excuse to take guns from law-abiding citizens – the main opposition to tyrants.

One of the “best” ways to destabilize a city is to place its police department under federal control. Enter Obama’s 21st Century Policing program, with its goal of body cameras on cops and civilian (i.e.: often troublemaker) review boards.

In another initiative to neutralize local police, Obama’s “Justice” Department has taken aim at departments nationwide.

According to the Los Angeles Times, they’ve investigated 21 police departments. But rather than reach informal agreements to correct misconduct like the Bush administration often preferred, most of the cases under Obama ended either in settlements approved and monitored by a judge, or in a few examples, with lawsuits filed against departments and officers.

Meanwhile, Obama is empowering anti-cop hate groups like Black Lives Matter, even inviting them to the White House where they huddled with Valerie Jarrett. Just last week, Obama had the gall to defend the group in front of a law enforcement audience.

Obama is constantly scheming to find more ways to create more chaos in our cities.

For example, his administration is siding with vagrants against local governments. In August, his Justice Department stopped the city of Boise from enacting a law banning sleeping and camping in public places. His lawyers claimed the law constituted “cruel and unusual punishment”!

Los Angeles – the homeless capital of the nation – is trying to stop the spread of cardboard houses. But the city has lost a number of lawsuits. It’s become routine to see crazy homeless people harassing passersby at bus stops, and pitching tents on city sidewalks.

The white progressive Democrat mayor of L.A., Eric Garcetti, attempted to conduct a town hall event last Monday night in South L.A. But community thugs, including Black Lives Matter, shouted him down, demanding that he fire his police chief, then followed him to his car after he cut the meeting short. One protester even jumped on the mayor’s car. The compromised LAPD made no arrests.

See “Lawless #BlackLivesMatter runs white LA Mayor Garcetti out of meeting.”

An anti-police group, “Stop Mass Incarceration Now,” was holding a rally in downtown L.A. on Thursday, so I decided to go down there with members of my organization, BOND.

I was interviewed by numerous media, including ABC and Univision, but unsurprisingly, little of what I said made it to TV.

On Friday, Mayor Garcetti’s office announced that he’s asking developers to help fund affordable housing. This won’t soothe the mob; it’ll only encourage them.

Yet another way Obama is creating chaos in our cities is by increasing the number of criminals on the streets.

A Wall Street Journal article reported on Obama’s visit to a federal prison in Oklahoma. He lectured the press afterward, “These are young people who made mistakes that aren’t that different than the mistakes I made and the mistakes that a lot of you guys made.” Really? How many of “you guys” have committed violent crimes?

And how about getting some terrorists in our communities for good measure?

Obama just vetoed a $612 billion defense policy bill. One of the reasons he gave was that it constricted his actions regarding the closing Guantanamo Bay. The bill he doesn’t like includes a provision to stop the use of funding to build facilities for Guantanamo prisoners inside the U.S.

And let us not forget the incredible chaos forced on our communities by Obama’s executive-order amnesty. Think of the crime and diseases pouring into our country.

But some are fighting back.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, for one, is calling Obama out. And a North Carolina Sheriff, Terry Johnson, stood tall when the Justice Department charged his office with discriminating against Latinos. A federal court ruled in August that the Obama administration overreached. The feds are now appealing the ruling.

This is the kind of backbone it will take to defeat Obama.

Most importantly, we need to embrace order – the opposite of chaos. We – especially men – must turn back to God and love Him with all our hearts, souls and minds. Men must get married before having children, and wives must honor their husbands. Then our nation will be blessed – and neither Obama nor the gates of hell shall prevail against it.


Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

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