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Obama: Media Invented the Ebola Crisis

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Published on: October 21, 2014

Obama has appointed his Ebola czar, a lawyer, whose only qualification was “he’s good at messaging.” In an oh so familiar manner, Obama has now claimed the media has “invented the Ebola crisis,” which damages his Democrats’ chance of keeping a Senate majority. The left-leaning lame stream enemedia who has supported and back this lawless, criminal administration and done everything short of donning face paint and pom-poms has officially been thrown under the bus for Democrats trailing in the midterm polls and as a bonus, Obama claims they “invented” the Ebola crisis. This is the equivalent of Obama calling the Ebola outbreak a “phony scandal.”

In more like a complaining session, instead of a speech, to donors in Chicago, Obama stated, “The Ebola crisis … [which] has been the only story here in the United States for the last couple of weeks, is not an outbreak and epidemic here.”

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

According to the Daily Caller, Obama talked about the people’s anxiety over the Middle East, the Russian invasion of the Ukraine which he described as slow-motion, the Islamic State jihad in Iraq and the fear of Ebola that was identified as media-magnified.

“To give you some sense of perspective, around 20,000 to 30,000 [American] people die of flu every year. So far we’ve got one person dying of Ebola…. we’ve had one case of a person dying from Ebola that brought it in from outside.”

Where did Obama get his facts on the number of Americans who die of influenza? According to the CDC’s own admission, they do not know exactly how many people die of seasonal influenza each year. This is another example, in a long line, of Obama making up facts as he goes or basically “lying” to the American public.

Obama acknowledged that people were concerned about Ebola because of the situation in Africa. On the Ebola outbreak or epidemic in Africa, the blamer-in-chief stated, “This is a virulent disease and it is up to us, once again, to mobilize the world’s community to do something about it, to make sure that not only we’re helping on a humanitarian basis those countries but we’re not seeing a continued epidemic and outbreak that can ultimately have a serious impact here.”

Anyone not paying attention to any sort of reports from the World Health Organization or reports from West African governments regarding the Ebola outbreak and epidemic would be able to stomach those words, which means the entire attendees are either stupid, brain dead or both. The man illegally occupying the Oval Office believes if “we” community organize the world it will contain the “continued Ebola epidemic and outbreak.” And as my Dad is so fond of saying, “Wish in one hand and spit in the other and see which one fills up the fastest.”

America has seen how well “community organizing” has worked so far. If anyone in America cannot see that it has brought this country close to destruction, then you might be interested in the ocean-front condominiums I have in Tucson. They are selling cheap – just send a check for $1000 and I’ll send you some keys to one.

Obama has turned Ebola into a political issue instead of treating it as a medical one. The US government failed to initiate travel bans to and from the affected West African nations early on which would have prevented Patient Zero Duncan from coming here in the first place. Since that was not done, he, along with his administration, lied to the American public on their “capability” to treat and contain this deadly disease, which now has seen two nurses become infected with Ebola and many others exposed. The CDC has implemented ridiculous screening measures that do not work, with-held critical information, cajoled the public with over-confidence, side-stepped answering Congress, and been given a pass by the left-leaning lame stream enemedia in the dog and pony question/answer session press conferences.

The CDC has changed its policy on “precautions” with Ebola after admitting their initial protocols were not enough. Yet, this administration is sending 3,000 American troops to Ebola stricken areas in Africa with only latex gloves and surgical masks to protect them while they “fight” Ebola.

The ongoing “open border” policy along the US southern border has fueled more fire on the possibility of Ebola infected Muslim terrorists entering and spreading throughout the country – a scenario that is being intentionally neglected and overlooked by Obama, his administration and Congress. America has witnessed the entrance of enterovirus D68 into the country through the illegal alien invasion of our southern border. This enterovirus coupled with Ebola could wreak havoc in our nation.

Travel remains unimpeded and our southern border remains open. Troops are being deployed to “fight” Ebola. It is business as usual in Washington with the blame game being more popular than Wheel of Fortune.

Why is this man still sitting in the Oval Office? What happened to that “ground-breaking” lawsuit brought up by John Boehner and backed by faux conservatives that was supposed to make Obama follow the Constitution, hold him accountable “under the law” while the suit itself violated the law? Funny, that lawsuit has gone by the wayside because anyone who knows a smidgen about lawsuits knows Obama would be out of office before that suit even got into court. Boehner has said “impeachment is off the table” so basically, it has been grandstanding all around with everyone in Washington.

Now, when America needs real leadership and a forceful stance to protect the citizenry, there is not one backbone in Washington to be found. Now, Americans may be facing a form of “medical martial law” where more liberties and freedoms will be eroded, erased and forever taken away. Talk of “rapid response teams” and “isolation camps” and a much more “aggressive” CDC with the development of CDC SWAT teams from Obama does not bode well for any American – conservative, liberal, male, female, black, white, young, old, Christian, non-Christian, heterosexual or homosexual.

Instead of handling the Ebola virus as a medical issue, it has now become a tool with which a political agenda can be exponentially increased. Regardless of any qualifier, political affiliation or other socio-economic divider, Ebola is a serious health care issue that should be treated as such with the politics removed. It has been formulated that people such as Dr. Tom Frieden are being forced to respond in a certain way. Well, there isn’t someone standing there with a gun pointed at his head in any news conference, media appearance or photo-op that I could tell. Individuals in government positions who have the ability to make a difference choose to remain silent, selling out their country for a meager dollar that may be worthless soon or saving themselves from death due to an “accident.”

No one but the government benefits by the politicizing of Ebola. As Americans, we should be concerned with getting straight forward, trustworthy information regarding this disease that has now made it into America. We should dispense with the “us versus them,” the “we won, get over it” mentality, and other implemented dividers and fight for our very health and life. It is, after all, a self-evident truth that we were endowed by our Creator with the unalienable right to life. Our government was created to preserve that right, not play politics with it or be the one to decide if you have that right, which is what government has done by not performing its duty to protect our nation from the devastation of a deadly contagious viral epidemic.

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