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Obama – The Pro Wrestler President

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Published on: October 21, 2014

In the 2006 comedy film “Idiocracy,” two people who take part in a hibernation experiment wake up 500 years later to discover that Americans have been institutionally and quite profoundly dumbed-down. Very little functions any longer in terms of infrastructure, and society has become a squalid, inefficient joke.

The president of the United States (for whom the protagonist ultimately winds up working) is a characteristically flamboyant former professional wrestler. No smarter or dumber than anyone else, he was presumably elected on charisma only, by a citizenry so stupid they don’t know that spraying Gatorade on crops instead of water isn’t a particularly good idea.

I wouldn’t be the only individual to draw a parallel between this cult film and America under our current president, by the way, but the former pro wrestler chief executive in the movie got me to thinking about pro wrestling, and one thing led to another …

A funny thing about pro wrestling is, of course, the fact that the matches are choreographed; some prefer the term “fake.” An even funnier thing about pro wrestling is the fact that people are strongly discouraged from articulating that the matches are choreographed (or fake) even though it is common knowledge. There are those who are quite ready to come to blows over the authenticity of the sport’s competition, or at least to vehemently deny that the matches are choreographed (or fake). Years ago, a friend of mine was actually choked into unconsciousness by a pro wrestler for being so rash as to suggest that the matches were faked. I kid you not. It wasn’t a publicity issue, either; only the two men were present at the time.

Now, I realize – as many pro wrestling fans are quick to point out – that choreographed matches in no way detract from the athleticism of the participants, particularly these days, wherein the matches are far more physically dynamic than they were 40 years ago, when the sport was dominated by older, fat guys in Greco-Roman wrestling garb.

The parallel I recognized between “Idiocracy,” the pro wrestling culture and the Age of Obama was this curious phenomenon of our not being allowed to articulate the facts of this choreography (or fakery) that is so integral to the Obama administration and to his role in particular.

Like a pro wrestling match, Americans have been encouraged to interpret events and actions that speak for themselves as something wholly other – specifically, in ways that benefit the administration’s narrative and future intentions. The wrestler isn’t really angry; he’s acting. He wasn’t thrown across the ring; the choreography just made it appear that way. And he isn’t really injured.

Unfortunately, the narrative and future intentions I mentioned, unlike those of the pro wrestler, are quite diabolical.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with pro wrestling, if one enjoys that kind of thing. Certain problems arise, however, when the line between the true and the false becomes blurred – particularly if it’s with the willing participation of the observer.

For weeks, I have bemoaned the apparent inability of those who should know better to recognize the intention and the calculation in the actions of the president and his administration regarding the terror group ISIS, or to articulate the same, if in fact they do recognize them.

The evidence that Barack Obama and his malignant cabal have orchestrated calamity after calamity abounds, whether it be Fast and Furious, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the “unaccompanied minor” illegal-immigrant tsunami, or Benghazi. At present, there are credible reports that ISIS is amassing just across our southern border and may have already made incursions into our border states.

Three retired generals have gone on the record with regard to the administration failing to acknowledge the severity of the threat, the frustration of those in the Pentagon and the possibility of a constitutional crisis arising as a result of the president’s inaction. Additionally, calls from both Democratic and Republican lawmakers for decisive action are now a daily occurrence in the news media.

At least one military base in the area is on high alert. Ranchers and residents in Border States have seen increasing threats from drug cartels, who are purported to be working with Middle Eastern militants in the area. As with the disposition and health status of the aforementioned illegal-immigrant minors, the Border Patrol and immigration authorities have been ordered by the federal government not to discuss these particulars.

Yet, the political left continues to accuse those who dare to bring these things to light of promoting conspiracy theories.

For years we’ve been aware that Obama and his colleagues (or co-conspirators, if you prefer) have studied, long-admired and (most importantly) emulated political leaders who have committed the worst atrocities and crimes against humanity in recorded history. These tyrants had no compunction with regard to deceiving, pauperizing, oppressing, or killing off tens of millions of their own citizens in order to actualize their political objectives.

Are we really going to employ such a deep and deliberate intellectual indolence that it will take several million casualties among us to confirm what is evident?

Like the pro wrestler, Barack Hussein Obama is simply going through the motions, executing choreography – that which he believes is expected of him as an American president. Largely, this amounts to little more than rhetoric and, at the moment, halfhearted military swipes against ISIS in Iraq. And like the wrestler, whose objective is to entertain and get paid rather than to win, Obama’s true objectives are also veiled.

What appears to be the abysmal failure of his presidency could not have been brought about inadvertently by the worst bunch of bunglers imaginable. The protestations of Obama detractors that he is “disengaged,” “out of touch,” or that his Middle East policies led to the rise of ISIS are an insult to Americans’ intelligence.

Obama is and has been quite engaged, and he knows exactly what he is doing. Every misadventure, overreach, scandal and miscalculation – including the rise of ISIS and their presence on our doorstep – has been calculated to bring about the very result these have brought about.

Entertainments and diversions may be amusing, but there comes a time when one must be able to recognize the difference between a game and that which is deadly serious. That time is upon us.


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