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Obama Tells People Not to Divide and Discriminate While Doing Just That

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Published on: June 5, 2015

If you don’t have any medication to keep you from throwing up, better get a bucket, as the newest “revelation” from Heir Ruler will have you upchucking. Okay, maybe you won’t throw up but you’ll be so disgusted you’ll feel like it. Some may get a good laugh out of it, which in case, make sure the bathroom is empty.

In a town hall meeting at the White House on Tuesday, Obama stated he would never engage in politics that would be divisive. You can watch it for yourself here. According to, “the president’s town hall gathered together fellows participating in the administration’s Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative – a program that gives “‘young leaders aged 18 – 35 who are citizens of and reside in an ASEAN country’ professional and academic fellowships to come to the United States.”

Obama stated, “I know that one of the important principles for me has always been treating everybody fairly. So whether that’s women or people of different races or different religious faiths or different sexual orientations, that one of my core principles is that I will never engage in a politics in which I’m trying to divide people or make them less than me because they look different or have a different religion. That’s a core principle. That’s not something I would violate, right?”

If Obama is fishing for an answer that agrees with him, well, he missed the mark since that pole has no line much less bait. Numerous examples can be given to dispute everything this man has just said. He has upheld and protected Islam while degrading and sacrificing Christians and Jews. It is obvious those who support traditional marriage are being “forced” by him and his administration to cow to sodomites. Women on his staff are paid less than men. And, as far as race goes, well, this is the man who recites “white privilege” while playing the race card at every turn and expresses condolences when a black thug is killed by a white police officer, but remains silent when a white male is killed by a black police officer – all in the line of duty. In the Ferguson and Baltimore incidences, this man has fanned the flames of race and gone so far as to investigate the Ferguson police department “to find” racism where none exists.

This must be number 1065 or 1066 or higher in the lies this man has uttered along with his criminal activity while occupying the Oval Office. And, Obama wouldn’t know a “principle” or “value” if it jumped up and bit him on the nose.

Obama wasn’t finished either. He told the attendees, “Don’t divide yourself on religious and ethnic lines and racial lines. And don’t discriminate against women. If you do those two things, you’re not guaranteed success but at least you’re not guaranteed failure.”

Two things? Let’s look at his list: religious lines, ethnic lines, racial lines, and women, so basically gender. That is four areas, not two. Of course, Obama left out socioeconomic lines; but hey, he can’t remember everything. Basically, Obama said by doing these things you might not be guaranteed success but not doing these things would guarantee failure. By his own admission, using his guidelines, Obama admits himself a failure, whether he realizes or not.

If lying lights your pants ablaze, Obama’s pants went nuclear with that little speech. No president has ever divided this country along so many lines as this man. As per usual, take everything this man says and apply the opposite.

I know one of the least important factors for me has always been treating everybody fairly. So whether that’s women or people of different races or different religious faiths or different sexual orientations, that one of my main traits is that I will always engage in politics in which I’m trying to divide the people or make them less than me because they look different or have a different religions. That’s a main trait. That’s not something I would violate, right?

That sounds more like the Obama Americans know.

At the end of the meeting, Obama took questions from the attendees. When time got short, he specifically stated whether he would take questions from a man or a woman. He even told all the men to put their hands down on the last question as “it was a woman’s turn.”

You either want to barf or laugh hysterically until you have to be excused. Obama didn’t have to point out whether it was a male or female’s turn. All he had to do was pick a female or a male or whoever wanted to ask a question. But, no, he had to make a big deal out of it for show.

No wonder the US has lost the respect of all other world nations despite this man claiming the US is more respected under his leadership. Again, take the opposite of what Obama says. Beware, too, of the things he doesn’t say.

Hopefully, those in attendance at the “town hall” style meeting have half a brain and look at his actions rather than taking him on his word. They should be intelligent enough to see through his fodder. Some Americans weren’t which is how this man ended up in the Oval Office – twice.

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