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Obama & the Koch Brothers: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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Published on: January 9, 2016

When Barack Obama was elected as the nation’s first Black President. The liberal media told us how this was the man who would bring Americans together. He was dubbed “The Great Uniter,” and we were now living in a “post racial” society. Not only was this a ridiculous statement at the time, we’ve all watched as the country has become more divided than at any point in modern history. Hope and change has created more hate and distrust than any political strategy that’s ever been executed. And if you don’t think this was a strategy, let’s take a look at some facts.

That was Barack Obama at last year’s White House correspondents’ dinner, claiming that the “evil Koch brothers” will pick the next GOP candidate. As you heard, he also said that the chosen candidate will “get a billion dollar war chest.” Now, certainly we’re all aware of Mr. Obama’s propensity for blatant dishonesty, but this one’s a whopper! For the President to be telling the truth here, you have to believe two things.

  1. The Koch brothers are the number one campaign contributor to the GOP
  2. The Koch brothers will give $1 billion to the GOP nominee

As far as total campaign contributions by David and Charles Koch, the wealthy brothers ranked 49th in the country with total contributions of $29.4 million. While that is certainly a staggering number to the average American, it pales in comparison to the number one donor. The always lovable Service Employees International Union poured $224.3 million dollars into politics over the same time span! Although 99% of that money went to Democrats, our dear leader seems to have no problem with this fine upstanding organization. Apparently, he also doesn’t think their money plays a role in selecting the liberal candidate. The dangerous part of this divisive rhetoric is that many low information voters will believe that the Koch brothers are evil, without even knowing who they are or what they do.

So, here’s what it comes down to in the land of hope & change. The Koch brothers, who employ 100,000 people around the globe, give millions each year to charitable organizations, but give $29.4 million dollars to Republicans are bad. The SEIU that contributes $224.3 million to Democrats is good. That must be more of that whole “ends justifies the means” thing.

We’ve seen the good and the bad, but where’s the ugly, you ask? The ugly is having a President and an entire political party demonizing two American citizens, who simply had the audacity to become successful. I mean, at some point, haven’t they made enough money? The ugly is having a Senate Majority Leader in Harry Reid, who couldn’t make it through a single sentence on the Senate floor without invoking the Koch brothers. The ugly is also having a media that not only refuses to refute the President, but has played a key role in the creation of a narrative geared towards having the American people hate two law abiding American citizens!

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