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Obama Uses Tax Dollars to Construct White House Border Wall – Continues to Ignore US Southern Border

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Published on: September 27, 2014

The southern border of the US remains unsecured and illegal aliens invade our nation daily. Only certain portions of our southern border have a fence to deter invasion even after the 1986 promise to secure the border and never bring up amnesty again. Democrats, in their infinite wisdom, claim that a fence will do nothing to stop the “illegal immigrants” from crossing the border so basically slough off that suggestion. Their continued reasoning is “fences don’t work.” However, there is a fence around the White House to deter “invaders” from crossing along with hidden security and snipers that would deal with any intruders.

That fence around the White House has worked to keep out intruders, even though there have been a few instances of individuals clamoring over that fence to enter the grounds of the People’s House. In the most recent incident, an individual actually made it to the White House. It seems that the number of these authorized visitors are increasing, according to a report by the Daily Caller. In response to this violation of the White House “border,” our glorious dictator has taken swift action to keep out unwanted guests and visitors – he has “authorized” the construction of a wall around the White House to “secure the White House borders.” The new “wall” will not be as tall as the official perimeter fence but will span the entire border of the White House.

While only 3 ft. tall, the wall, along with the official White House gates, will form a strategic buffer zone; this area will not only slow persons attempting to gain access [to] the grounds, but will also allow officers patrolling the border to recognize and neutralize any unlawful entry-attempts.

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Really? The king wannabe worries about visitors gaining access to the White House grounds “illegally” so his response is to build a wall with a buffer zone to “deter” illegal entry. Has he not heard that “fences don’t work?”

While the American public has been repeatedly told by politicians that a fence or wall cannot be constructed on the border since it would not deter illegal alien invasion, the dictator-in-chief ordered the building of a wall with a perimeter around the White House to keep out “illegal” visitors. Tax dollars will be spent to “secure the border of the White House” to deter unwanted guests and visitors to protect the DIC; but, nothing can be done to “secure the southern border of the United States” to deter illegal alien invasion to protect the American people and our nation. Talk about a hypocrite supreme!

This man will do whatever it takes to protect the White House grounds from being invaded and himself from possibly being harmed but refuses to protect this nation from invasion and the people from being harmed. He has spouted a welcome message to illegal aliens, including criminals, drug cartels and those who seek handouts, to come across our “open and unguarded” border. Criminal activity along our border towns has increased with sheriffs of the border counties petitioning the government for assistance while offering solutions to the continued crisis. The DIC has ordered the release of illegal alien criminals, dumped thousands of illegal alien invaders into our communities and cities, offered passports and social security numbers to these criminal crossers and allowed the spread of communicable diseases being brought into the country by these illegals.

The American public has been “told” that we must accept these “immigrants, migrants, ‘refugees'” or whatever politically correct term these Washington slugs want to apply to them because we are a nation of immigrants and celebrate multiculturalism. What the American public has been “told” has not been demonstrated in practice by the boy king. One could get violently nauseous thinking about all of this; but, one should be adamantly protesting and refusing to buy the dump trucks full of male cow manure being slung around by the Washington “rulers.”

How many times has it been said that a fence doesn’t keep people out? How many times has it been said fences are designed to keep people in? It is true a fence serves both those purposes and so does a wall. However, many have breached fences in order to escape from areas and to gain entry into areas.

China built the Great Wall to help secure its territory from invasion while Russia established the Berlin Wall to keep individuals from leaving. Both served the purpose for the intent for which it was built. In the case of the Berlin Wall, there were many who did escape and make it to the west; there were also many who died trying. What cannot be disputed is the fact that in both of these cases, the fence or wall was a part of a secure border plan. It is the intent surrounding the fence or wall that makes it either one of security or one of incarceration.

Are we to believe this “wall” authorized by the DIC has the purpose of “keeping people in?” Are we then to believe this authorized wall won’t keep people out? So far, the perimeter fence at the White House has served the purpose of deterring large numbers of individuals from violating the White House grounds. There have been no reports of hundreds of people jumping that fence. Why? It’s not only the fence but the security force that would pounce on the intruder that also prevents fence jumpers. The prompting of an additional wall around the People’s House has been initiated because of a few rogue individuals – a small number seen by the DIC as a large threat to his person and family.

Would not this same logic apply to the southern border – a fence plus a large security force to pounce on illegal alien invaders should the border be breached? Would not tens of thousands of individuals crossing illegally onto our grounds be considered a large threat to the American people and their families?

Obama, his ilk, Democrats and liberals may try to say this is a comparison of apples and oranges. It may well be in their eyes. However, an illegal invasion along the southern border is a threat to our nation and an unauthorized entry onto White House grounds is a threat to the occupant of the People’s House. The only difference has been the government or DIC response to an unauthorized entry of the White House grounds versus an illegal invasion of our nation.

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