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Obama-Zuckerberg’s Plans: Slavery Or Annihilation

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Published on: February 25, 2016

I’m sure my readers were positively titillated by the buzz emanating from the Mobile World Congress Conference this week. What is the Mobile World Congress Conference, you ask, and why should anyone with the intelligence to navigate this publication care?

Well, although the MWC conference is essentially a bunch of high-level computer geeks stroking each other’s egos, in another sense, the conference illustrated a juxtaposition of two very different future possibilities, neither of which is particularly pleasing.

Over the last few years, mobile Internet surpassed desktop and laptop computers as the premier digital platform, so the computer industry in all its vastness is heavily invested in mobile technology. The Mobile World Congress is a creation of the Groupe Speciale Mobile (GSM), itself a creation of the Confederation of European Posts and Telecommunications (CEPT), the largest European telecommunications industry association.

The MWC conference dominated headlines in Barcelona, Spain, this week where it took place (you remember Spain – the country that bailed on its allies after Muslims blew up just one of its commuter trains). After some difficulty getting under steam due to a transportation strike in the largely socialist nation, representatives from communications and media companies from around the world eagerly proceeded with the big event.

One of the conference’s major affairs was Monday’s presentation of new offerings from tech giant Samsung, which drew even more media attention when Facebook CEO and entrepreneur wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg made an “unannounced appearance” to stump for a virtual reality (VR) partnership between Samsung and his company. Facebook has been on track to move forward with VR in a big way since its $2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR, a pioneer in virtual reality technology, back in 2014.

A spoof piece on Zuckerberg’s visit by one website was erroneously picked up as legitimate news by at least one online news outlet; it claimed that Zuckerberg said the Oculus VR headset would allow Facebook users to have virtual sexual intercourse or battle to the death in the social network’s comment sections. On a darker note, one of the online sources covering the Barcelona conference drew a comparison between the VR presentation and popular dystopian futures represented in science fiction films.

What gave me pause relative to Facebook’s VR pursuits was its history of rabid liberalism and Zuckerberg’s penchant for unabashed complicity with the diabolical administration of Barack Hussein Obama. Whether we’re discussing secret meetings Zuckerberg attended with Obama and other accomplices in the tech world, or Facebook’s blatant censorship of conservatives and Christians while permitting the most virulent anti-American, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian rhetoric out there, I couldn’t help but wondering if that online publication’s sinister interpretation of Zuckerberg’s MWC appearance might be prophetic somehow.

At the risk of giving life to yet another wholly unfounded conspiracy theory, we’ve known for decades that people can be subtly manipulated through subliminal messages on television. Audiogenic seizures (those caused by sound) have been known to scientists for a long time, and some years back, they even discovered that the stroboscopic effects in some video games can induce seizures in humans.

So, what might the starry-eyed, nouveau riche elitist and Obamaphile Zuckerberg have in mind for VR consumers – a segment that is likely to explode as VR equipment prices come down and the technology improves? In Barcelona, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook’s proprietary streaming technology would soon be incorporated into Samsung’s VR hardware and that Facebook had created a “social VR team” to explore how people can connect using VR technology.

Why, that sounds strikingly similar to announcements Obama has made about exploratory “teams” he has deployed to gather data on such things as mass scale behavior prediction. Should we be concerned that surreptitious mind control via virtual reality headsets is in store for our future?

What I find amazing amidst all of this is the hubris of the Western world’s power players. This is the juxtaposition of which I spoke earlier: While our leaders busily complete finishing touches on their socialist leviathan, they are also attempting to leverage millions of radical Islamists against their citizens, playing “chicken” with China, North Korea, Iran and Russia, and destabilizing vast regions of the globe.

It’s clear that they have no belief whatsoever that the violent chemical reaction they initiated could possibly mushroom out of control.

One of science fiction’s standard story lines has to do with protagonists acting out the story’s conflict on a post-apocalyptic Earth. How did the apocalypse come about? Well, it was the people who ran things – governments, corporations, etcetera – who precipitated whatever doomsday scenario came to pass prior to Act 1. Sadly, their arrogance and conceit wound up leading to all but a few hundred or a few thousand people on the planet perishing in a hideous paroxysm of global devastation. They didn’t mean to transform Earth into a poisonous, irradiated moonscape, but things got out of hand, you see. While zealously bringing about their malevolent design, somehow they miscalculated the risks.

Of course, someone like Mr. Zuckerberg would already have a first-class ticket on the secret, high-tech mega-ark that stands ready to transport him, his powerful peers and their material wealth to a safe location in the Himalayas or the far side of the moon while the world burns. After the rest of us murder one another off for food, succumb to the radiation or engineered plague, they’ll come back and re-populate the Earth with their socially evolved, intellectually superior offspring.

On a more serious note: As America plunges headlong into this campaign season, consider that mass mind control and imminent global conflagration are not things people were discussing eight years ago.

Article reposted with permission from Instigator News.

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