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Obama’s Denial of Jihad to Blame for Teen’s Murder

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Published on: September 22, 2014

Ali Muhammad Brown, a convert to Islam from Seattle who said he was on a jihad to kill Americans, has now been implicated in four homicides. He said he killed a teenager in New Jersey, Brendan Tevlin, as revenge for U.S. actions in the Middle East. He also murdered two homosexuals in Seattle because they were homosexual.

In 2011, Barack Obama acceded to a demand from 57 Muslim, Arab and South Asian groups, some with ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, and systematically removed any mention of jihad and Islam from all counter-terror training material for the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and other law-enforcement and intelligence agencies, thereby disarming the thin blue line and the thick one.

Since then, it has been official U.S. government policy that Islam and jihad have nothing to do with terrorism. The FBI’s latest National Domestic Threat Assessment listed eight groups that were potential terror threats, but Islamic terrorists didn’t make the list. Obama’s FBI would have us believe that Puerto Rican nationalists are a greater threat to the United States today than Islamic jihadists.

This denial led to the Boston jihad bombing and the slaughter of two homosexuals in Seattle and a young teen on his way home in New Jersey. And who knows what else.

Ali Muhammad Brown, who is a registered sex offender for crimes against a 6-year-old girl, was previously prosecuted on the federal level after an FBI investigation into a Muslim group that was suspected of supporting jihadists abroad.

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books.

If intelligence and law-enforcement agents had been properly trained and educated in the jihad threat, they would have picked up on Brown’s emulation of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, who married his last and favorite wife, Aisha, when she was six and he was 51, and consummated the marriage when he was 54 and she was nine. Couple that with his involvement with a jihad group that was aiding and abetting holy war overseas. One of the prominent members of Brown’s group may have been killed while waging jihad in Somalia, after fleeing prosecution in the United States.

Why didn’t the FBI, the CIA, and local law-enforcement agencies make sure that the population was shielded from this man?

To have done so would have been deemed “Islamophobic” and bigoted after Obama’s purge of the truth from intelligence agencies.

Ali Muhammad Brown should have been locked up for his sex offenses and involvement with the jihad group. Then the homosexual couple, whom he executed Shariah-style on June 1, would still be alive. Brendan Tevlin, whom he murdered almost a month later on June 26, would still be alive as well. After the homosexual couple was targeted and murdered, a nationwide manhunt should have been implemented for the jihadist before New Jersey teen Brenden Devlin was shot to death in cold blood.

In July, I called for immediate national security action in the case of the homosexual murder.

Perhaps Mohamed Elibiary, the pro-Muslim Brotherhood adviser to the Department of Homeland Security (who has since resigned under mysterious circumstances), thought that such an action would have been “Islamophobic.”

Nothing was done.

And the homosexual community didn’t call for any action.

America must deal with this hostile invading force. If you recall, a devout Muslim set fire to a packed Seattle homosexual bar during a New Year’s celebration shortly after midnight on Jan. 1. Seattle’s largest and longest-running homosexual nightclub was doused in gasoline and set aflame by Musab Mohammed Masmari. He was arrested on his way to the airport.

Where are the left-wing, homosexual and LGBT organizations denouncing the Islamic texts that inspire such mayhem and murder of homosexuals? Where is that fierce homosexual leadership condemning Muslim oppression of homosexuals under the Shariah?

Their silence is deafening. They were loud and proud against our ads. They were holding press conferences condemning me. Homosexual organizations in America say nothing, but loudly condemned my ad campaign highlighting Muslim oppression of homosexuals under the Shariah.

Why haven’t we heard from the San Francisco City Council, or that city’s Human Rights Commission, or from the Commission’s head Theresa Sparks, or most especially from the enemedia that scrub coverage of mention of jihadists’ motive? The San Francisco officials called our ads hate and issued a resolution condemning our AFDI ad campaign (the first of its kind) against our organization for merely quoting Muslim political leaders, spiritual leaders and cultural voices in the Muslim community who call for the torture and death of homosexual people.

Why didn’t the homosexual community march on Washington after the homosexual couple was assassinated in accordance with the Shariah?

And so more homsosexual people will be tortured and murdered by jihadists. But San Francisco officials and the enemedia, and Barack Obama himself, can congratulate themselves that they weren’t “Islamophobic.”

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