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Official Palestinian Authority Daily Praises Jihadi Who Named His Son Eichmann

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Published on: June 29, 2021

Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, the official Palestinian Authority daily newspaper, reported proudly on June 13 that “out of his love for his homeland,” Palestinian jihad terrorist Musa Abu Atwan, who grandson Al-Ghandafar Musa Abu Atwan is currently in an Israeli prison for jihad terror activities, “gave birth to a son and gave him the name Eichmann to anger Zionism.” Adolf Eichmann was one of the chief architects of Hitler’s National Socialist genocide of the Jews; he was executed in Israel on June 1, 1962. Al Hayat Al-Jadida continues: “After the Mossad (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) executed Adolf Eichmann, [Al-Ghadanfar’s] grandfather said: ‘The one who burned the Jews out of hatred has passed on, and the Palestinian Eichmann has been born.’” But don’t be concerned: Biden’s handlers will soon send more U.S. taxpayer millions to the Palestinian Authority, and that will fix everything, won’t it?

This sort of thing has happened before. During the Palestinian “Knife Intifada” of 2015, one family named their son “Knife of Jerusalem.” Nor is this practice known only among Palestinians, as the Egyptian General Hitler Tantawi could attest.

The Palestinian Eichmann lived up to his name: he was arrested for jihad terror activities in 1989, and after he was released, raised his son Al-Ghandafar to continue the jihad. The article in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida makes it clear that the Palestinian Authority, which many mainstream Western foreign policy analysts continue to assume is the “moderate” alternative to Hamas, thinks such behavior is admirable, praiseworthy, and worthy of emulation.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. As The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS details, the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, lived in Berlin from 1941 to 1945. Hebecame close friends not only with Eichmann, but also with Heinrich Himmler, and met with Adolf Hitler. Eichmann’s assistant, Dieter Wisliczeny, testified at the Nuremberg Trials that the mufti had been a central figure in the planning of the genocide of the Jews:

The Grand Mufti has repeatedly suggested to the Nazi authorities—including Hitler, von Ribbentrop and Himmler—the extermination of European Jewry. He considered this a comfortable solution to the Palestine problem….The Mufti was one of the initiators of the systematic extermination of European Jewry and had been a collaborator and adviser of Eichmann and Himmler in the execution of this plan. He was one of Eichmann’s best friends and had constantly incited him to accelerate the extermination measures. I heard him say, accompanied by Eichmann, he had visited incognito the gas chambers of Auschwitz.

Eichmann denied this, but in any case, there is no doubt of the fact that the mufti was openly calling for the mass murder of Jews. In a broadcast on July 7, 1942, the mufti exhorted Muslims in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Palestine to kill Jews, basing his exhortation on a flagrant lie:

A large number of Jews residing in Egypt and a number of Poles, Greeks, Armenians and Free French, have been issued with revolvers and ammunition in order to help them against the Egyptians at the last moment, when Britain is forced to evacuate Egypt….

You must kill the Jews, before they open fire on you. Kill the Jews, who have appropriated your wealth and who are plotting against your security. Arabs of Syria, Iraq and Palestine, what are you waiting for? The Jews are planning to violate your women, to kill your children and to destroy you. According to the Muslim religion, the defense of your life is a duty which can only be fulfilled by annihilating the Jews. This is your best opportunity to get rid of this dirty race, which has usurped your rights and brought misfortune and destruction on your countries. Kill the Jews, burn their property, destroy their stores, annihilate these base supporters of British imperialism. Your sole hope of salvation lies in annihilating the Jews before they annihilate you.

Al-Husseini also actively intervened on numerous occasions to ensure that Jews were not deported from Europe—thereby ensuring that extermination was the only option left for the fanatical Nazi Jew-haters. He also traveled from Berlin to Bosnia in 1943 to raise up a Muslim SS company, which was responsible for killing ninety percent of the Jews in Bosnia, as well as for the burning of numerous Serbian churches. He noted the convergence of the goals of Islamic jihad and those of the Nazis. “It is the duty of Muhammadans in general and Arabs in particular to…drive all Jews from Arab and Muhammadan countries…. Germany is also struggling against the common foe who oppressed Arabs and Muhammadans in their different countries. It has very clearly recognized the Jews for what they are and resolved to find a definitive solution [endgültigeLösung] for the Jewish danger that will eliminate the scourge that Jews represent in the world.”

In a 1944 broadcast, he made that “definitive solution” explicit: “Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history, and religion.” His call was an echo of the Qur’an’s call to “kill them wherever you find them” (2:191, 4:89) and to “kill the idolaters wherever you find them.” (9:5)

Eichmann Abu Atwan couldn’t have put it more clearly.

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

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