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Oh Deer! Bus Slams into Deer – Deer Survives to Live another Day

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Published on: August 11, 2014

Well, it isn’t often you see something like this. A deer was hit by a bus in Pennsylvania at full speed. Fortunately, the deer survived as it crashed through the front windshield and landed on the near the exit of the bus.

The video shows the deer leaping across the road as the bus approaches, taking out a “Go Pens” sign. The next shot is from inside the bus as you see it come completely through the glass and land on the floor. Dazed and confused, the deer attempts to exit the way it entered, but the glass impeded its retreat.

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Another camera on the bus shows the deer seeking an exit as it passes by the driver and wanders toward the back of the bus. The driver sensing the animal is looking for a means to leave the bus, opens the doors at the front and rear.

Finally, the deer makes its way to the front of the bus and exits.

This is not the normal way that bus rides are given, obviously, but considering that fact that a deer doesn’t have pockets that he can carry his fare, one can be forgiving. The bus was taken in for repair following the accident.

The footage was released by the CamTran city bus in Johnstown, Pennsylvania last year.

“The driver immediately stopped the bus,” CamTran spokesman Josh Yoder told The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat. “He opened the door and the deer just walked off the bus.”

There were no passengers aboard and the driver was not injured.

Often drivers and passengers are injured when deer are hit by vehicles.

A State Farm Insurance claims study indicates that deer hit an estimated 1.23 million vehicles between July 2011 and June 2012.

This little deer was fortunate to survive. Apparently, he hit in just the right spot that would give, allowing it to sustain minor injuries apparently only, if any at all, and continue on its merry way.

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