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Ohio: Muslim Muhammad Barry Hacks People with Machete in Nazareth Restaurant

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Published on: February 14, 2016

Toppled chairs, bloody towels now in the Nazareth restaurant after machete attack. 4 people hurt.

“There’s blood all over inside the restaurant,” Steven Bass, Karen’s husband, told WSYX.

Patrons called it a “bloodbath.” READ MORE HERE.

Knife jihad in America. Imams across the world and devout Islamic military groups exhort the faithful to wage jihad with knives.

Police shot and killed the jihadi who stormed into a central Ohio restaurant wielding a machete and began hacking people as they sat unsuspectingly at their dinner tables, after inquiring where the owner was from. The owner is an “outspoken Christian” from Israel. “Inside the restaurant, guests are greeted by…a small Israeli flag.”

According to CBS News, investigators have identified the suspected attacker as Mohammad Barry, a man who has a Somali background. Further, law enforcement may be investigating the incident as a possible lone wolf terrorist attack, the report states.
Nazareth Restaurant and Deli in Columbus, Ohio. Image source: WBNS-10TV

There are no lone wolves in the global jihad. There is one of an army.

Owner, proud Christian Hani. 0211-machete01

“He came to each table and just started hitting them,” Bass said. “There were tables and chairs overturned, there was a man on the floor bleeding, there was blood on the floor.”

“I fell like five times. My legs felt like jelly. I just thought he was going to come behind me and slash me up,” she recalled.

Patrons threw chairs at the suspect in an effort to stop the attack. He fled the scene in a car before police caught up with him. They first attempted to subdue him with a stun gun before fatally shooting him.

Four people were injured in the attack and taken to a local hospital. They are expected to recover.

The machete wielding savage ask the owner where he was from (Christian from Israel) and came back an hour later swinging.

“[He] immediately began swinging a machete at customers and employees inside,” Sgt. Rich Weiner with the Columbus Police Department said. “There was no rhyme or reason as to who he was going after as soon as he walked in, according to some of the witnesses.”

One comment at Free Republic said, “Nazareth’s is just around the corner from our home. My wife and I go there often. They have wonderful Greek food. Hani, is the very popular owner. He engages with the customers and is very jovial.

“The latest news is that the FBI is investigating as a possible terrorist act, but no detail as of yet. This is in a very quiet neighborhood with little crime. Gahanna is kind of a all-American town. Their weekly newspaper lists the previous week’s crimes. I read it for chuckles as they consist of things like, woman notified police of a loud noise, mailbox knocked over, neighbor complained of dog poop on his porch. We’ve lived here for 15 years and nothing like this before – at least this close to our home.”

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Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books

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