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Oklahoma Governor Refuses to Remove Ten Commandments Monument

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Published on: July 10, 2015

There is no doubt that over the last one hundred years, this has happened more than once.  We have lived through one of the weakest stages in the history of the American Church.  The last hundred years was an age where very few men took Christianity seriously.  The main reason for this can be linked to the revivalism of the Second Great Awakening.  Christianity was feminized with emotionalism, and men were not expected to take part in such things.

This produced two things in the church.  First, it produced few men with any real backbone and second, strong-willed women.  Women who, had they not led the Church, would have disappeared in our land.  The trend is finally changing thankfully, but thankfully we still see that when men will not take their rightful place of leadership, God will raise up a woman.

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Christian News reports:

The governor of Oklahoma is standing her ground and refusing to remove a Ten Commandments monument following a ruling by the state Supreme Court declaring that the display must go because it infringed the state Constitution.

Gov. Mary Fallin announced on Tuesday that the monument will stay in place while the state files an appeal in the matter, asserting that “the court God it wrong.”

This may merely be a play for time, but at least it is something.  Many men in similar circumstances have done much worse.  Many use the adage “We are a nation of laws and must obey,” but Governor Fallin acted to bring about what she believed was right.

She knows that the Law of God is the basis of our jurisprudence, and we must not forget this foundation.  We, as Christians and the Church as a whole, have left this foundation.  I address this in my book, An Everlasting Covenant.  Look for it on Amazon.

Christian News continued:

“The Ten Commandments monument was built to recognize and honor the historical significance of the Commandments in our state’s and nation’s systems of laws,” she wrote in a statement.

“The monument was built and maintained with private dollars. It is virtually identical to a monument on the grounds of the Texas State Capitol which the United States Supreme Court ruled to be permissible,” Fallin continued. “It is a privately funded tribute to historical events, not a taxpayer funded endorsement of any religion, as some have alleged.”

Fallin seems to have expected the ruling and was prepared to take action.  She seems prepared to do what is necessary to not allow the heathens to be victorious.  She, as Christians should, is seeking to win within her legal bounds.  And though others have sought to win while complying, Governor Fallin has resisted the court order.

The ACLU’s response?

“The Supreme Court did not give any leeway in their opinion. The bipartisan, seven-member majority did not say remove the monument except if you look into your crystal ball and think the law might allow it at some point in the future and go ahead and keep it,” Executive Director Ryan Kiesel told Tulsa World. “The court said remove the monument.”

But, Fallin was clear:

“Oklahoma is a state where we respect the rule of law, and we will not ignore the state courts or their decisions,” she wrote in her statement this week. “However, we are also a state with three co-equal branches of government.”

“At this time, Attorney General Scott Pruitt, with my support, has filed a petition requesting a rehearing of the Ten Commandments case. Additionally, our legislature has signaled its support for pursuing changes to our state Constitution that will make it clear the Ten Commandments monument is legally permissible,” Fallin added. “If legislative efforts are successful, the people of Oklahoma will get to vote on the issue.”

May she hold fast to the truth, and God grant her the grace to win for Oklahoma and the nation.

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