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Oklahoma Passes “Bathroom Bill”: Requires Students To Use Facilities Based On Biological Sex – Allows Parents To Sue Institutions For Non-Compliance

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Published on: June 4, 2022

One would have thought this was simply common sense, but sense doesn’t appear to be that common anymore… or is it people have become too frightened to call out these perverts and their perversion for what it is? In either case, Oklahoma passed Senate Bill 615 and was signed into law on Wednesday and “requires students to use the bathroom aligning with their biological sex at birth”.

James Anthony writes at The Post Millennial:

The bill, which is 180 degrees opposite from a few other bills being passed elsewhere in the country, will allow for reduced state funding for schools if they are found to be in violation of the new law.

Parents are also now able to civilly sue institutions for non-compliance with this law, in a similar fashion to Texas’s “heartbeat law” for abortions and Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill.

Supporters of the bill purport that it will help protect vulnerable students in the state’s schools from potential assaults by their fellow students, notably boys who self-identify as the opposite sex without appearing feminine at all.

According to local news, “under the legislation, school districts that don’t follow the law will lose 5% of their state funding. Parents can also file civil lawsuits against the district for a violation,” and “the law goes into effect at the start of the school year.”
The state of Oklahoma has also recently signed House Bill 4327 into law, which is one of the strictest anti-abortion laws to date. It makes abortion illegal right from the moment of conception.
It continues to be astounding to me that people don’t know which bathroom they should use, but such is the nature of those whom God has turned over to their own lusts.  This is a direct result of the lack of a true, biblical worldview that disciples that nations being demonstrated over the past several decades in the united States.When the Church arises and performs its God-assigned duties, these pieces of legislation won’t really be necessary.

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