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On This 4th Of July, Don’t Celebrate Freedom Too Much Or You Could Be Deemed A “Domestic Terrorist”

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Published on: July 4, 2022

As Americans don their red white and blue sequence bar-b-que aprons and raise their flags, ironically made in China, in an effort to “celebrate their freedom,” government is plotting away this very second to find ways to separate you from that freedom. While all recent presidents have made moves to achieve this very goal, under the guise of fighting domestic terrorism, the Biden administration has ramped it up — big time.

Despite the largely benign nature of the January 6 riot at the capitol, since that fateful day, president Joe Biden has classified this unarmed group of rioters as the largest threat against democracy in history, issued DHS warnings, ramped up security, and turned Washington D.C. into a police state.

Despite Joe Biden running on a platform of unity to bring Americans back together, before he was even sworn in, he reneged on this promise by alienating tens of millions of Trump supporters — essentially declaring them the enemy.

“Don’t dare call them protesters,” Biden said after the largely peaceful march on DC which ended with a few hundred goons out of tens of thousands of peaceful protesters raiding the capitol. “They were a riotous mob. Insurrectionists. Domestic terrorists. It’s that basic. It’s that simple.”

Now, it’s not just January 6 folks who are the terrorists — it’s everyone with whom the state disagrees.

As we reported last year, Biden’s administration announced their plans to create a means of family and friends to snitch on each other — to fight the largely non-existent threat of domestic terrorism.

Since January 6, 2020, police state-worshiping politicians have been chomping at the bit to expand the police state in the name of “Domestic Terrorism.” In true tyrannical fashion, in May, they finally got what they wanted as the House passed the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act in a purely partisan vote.

Not letting a tragedy go to waste, House Democrats exploited the Buffalo massacre to get their legislation passed. Every single Democrat and one Republican voted for the act which will do nothing to stop a future attack and do everything to further diminish your freedom and expand the police state and if you disagree, you’ll be labeled a “white supremacist” — even if you’re black.

There are undoubtedly many bad actors out there who are white supremacists. A handful of them are likely capable of and wish to carry out violence in this country. But the sheer rarity of these acts like the one in Buffalo proves just how few people are willing to do these things.

What’s more, given the establishment left’s brazen use of the label “white supremacy,” this focus could have horrible unintended ramifications. Let’s not forget that Larry Elder — a black man — was labelled a white supremacist for holding conservative beliefs.

While there are certainly several very small groups of people willing to carry out violence against the US to achieve their means, the idea that there is some massive insurrection pining away, waiting to take over the government, is laughable. Nevertheless, the scope of what is considered “extremism” continues to widen.

Committees are being formed, laws are being passed, and a new era of “Patriot Act” America is rising as the establishment exploits the January 6 events to usher in a new level of totalitarianism.

Congress is seeking is a domestic version of the Patriot Act’s material-support provision, which criminalizes providing material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization. “Support” is a broadly interpreted term which could include participation in propaganda activities, civil protest, fundraising, even group membership—with no requirement to show any connection to furthering terrorism. This could encompass tens of millions of Americans.

Despite a slew of laws criminalizing domestic terrorism, many within Washington continue to push for even more. This is worrisome to civil rights advocates, who argue that increasing legislation means increasing the number of people who could be labeled as potential domestic terrorists.

Indeed, all totalitarian regimes throughout history have successfully come to power by convincing their citizens to fear and turn against anyone who criticizes the almighty state. By continuously attacking what can and can’t be said about one’s government, all form of political dissent is eventually outlawed and even thinking about it becomes a crime.

Rather than create a new era of Stasi-esque legislation and enforcement, those who truly want to seek a peaceful resolution, would do well to understand what it is people are angry about and seek to address it — instead of outlawing it.

After all, as John F. Kennedy famously said in 1962, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Happy Independence Day.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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