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Julian Assange’s Wife Warns Liberty Lovers Of What Is To Come To Journalists If The US Gets Its Way With Her Husband (Video)

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Published on: July 4, 2022

Stella Moris, wife of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, has put out a brief video that must be heard.  In it, she warns the “free world” of what will happen to not only her husband if the united States gets its way with him, but also to every dissenting journalist out there.

“This case will be used by future administrations in order to silence dissent in order to silence the press,” she said.  “This is the most serious attack on press freedom there has ever been.”

She then points out that the US is attempting to bind anyone and everyone by the US Espionage Act.  Let’s just remind everyone that the US has jurisdiction ONLY inside our borders and ONLY when that authority is wielded according to what the people of the sovereign states delegated to the US government.

Keep that in mind as Assange is not a US citizen.  Rather, he is an Australian citizen, who worked as a journalist in the United Kingdom.  There is no allegiance to the US.

The US is attempting to limit press freedom beyond its rightful jurisdiction, which, by the way, it is limited in doing inside our borders, according to the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

“Every journalist should be alarmed about this,” Moris continued.  “Because if they can do it to someone as high profile as Julian, then everyone else can suffer the same fate.”

She then went on to blame the Mockingbird media for failing to do its duty for the people by properly reporting on Assange’s case.

Part of the reason for the lack of proper reporting, according to Moris, is because Assange has not only been critical of government but also the media.

“Wikileaks poses a challenge to the legacy media because the Wikileaks model is what Julian calls ‘scientific journalism’ to publish original source documents alongside the analysis in order to allow the reader to draw their own conclusions, to access the same information that the journalist did in order to assess the material themselves,” she said.

Moris continues, at length, to point out the seriousness that corrupt government poses not only to her husband but to anyone and everyone that seeks to expose the truth.

Take a listen.  You’ve been warned.

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