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People Awakening: New Hope For America

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Published on: April 22, 2019

Even as American society under the children of the lie becomes utterly insane, people are waking up and coming out of their fallen state.

I spoke to the Republican Women of San Francisco, Federated, this week. Before the event, a listener to my daily radio show met me there with his longtime girlfriend in order to have me marry them. A couple of weeks before at church, I’d told a young man not to live together with his girlfriend before getting married. I tell young men and women nearly every day on my radio show to stop having sex out of wedlock. Respect one another and yourself to do things right so that you can remain under the protection of God.

Young people see the corruption of the government and often question why they should get a legal document to certify that they’re married. I tell them, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” Most men and women are attached emotionally through sex, but do not truly love one another, because they do not do what’s right. Men are the sex addicts, women the sex dealers, and both are living in hell.

This is going on among even conservatives and Christians, among not just blacks but whites and others. Parents even facilitate it for their children! Mothers and even fathers allow their teenage and adult daughters and sons to have sex with their boyfriends or girlfriends under their roof!

Christians have accepted sin, being taught the lie that you can be born again of God and continue to sin. They’ve become no different from the world. This is why atheism and agnosticism is as popular as Christianity. This is why we’ve been losing our country. Many conservatives judge the radical homosexuals, illegal aliens, and Democrats on their corruption, but most conservatives themselves allow evil and immorality to continue in their lives. It’s rare to hear Republicans talk about morality. It’s no wonder we’re losing our freedoms because both conservatives and liberals have abandoned morals.

Thankfully, more and more young people are heeding the warning and turning back to follow what’s right. The young man I spoke to at church sent his girlfriend away from his apartment so that they can date for a while without sex. Then they can get to know each other with sober minds so that they do not marry in hell.

In turn, these young people are influencing others for the good. The man who finally married his girlfriend this past week also helped awaken another young man who used to think President Trump was “racist.” Now he’s totally for the president, and doing the right thing in his own life.

One thing that happens with these young people of all races: Once they wake up, they also leave the Democratic Party. They no longer identify with the false values of the anti-God left. They not only agree with what’s right, but they live it.

I spoke with one young lady who said that her father kicked her out of the house for continuing to listen to me. Even though she’s not white (nor am I), her father accused her (and me) of being “white supremacist”! She tried talking with her father again some days after his blowup, but he’s still not willing even to talk with her! But the young woman is standing firm on what she sees is right, apart from her family who are shunning her for it.

When you want what’s right, you often must stand alone. President Trump loves the country and is working for We the People to make the country great again. He doesn’t care whether you’re black, white, Hispanic, Jewish, Muslim or Christian. If you’re right, you’re right. And if you’re wrong, he’s calling you on it. According to investigator Robert Mueller, even some in Trump’s administration do not have the courage to stand with him at times. We have one man of courage in a government full of cowards!

Christ too stood alone, betrayed and denied even by His disciples, left on His own by those who hailed him as King of the Jews. Jesus came to save us from sin. He rose again and overcame death. He overcame the world. So too should we, if we believe in God. He’s working in us to turn people back to the Father.

Nearly every day I tell people to forgive their mothers and fathers for raising them with anger, or for their weakness in not being there. If you don’t forgive others, God won’t forgive you. If they’re living, you should face them and apologize for hating them, so you can get your courage and innocence back, and go free.

Many Christians want to toss up their hands, roll over and continue to surrender America to the children of the lie. This Easter, I encourage you to reflect on what Christ did to restore our relationship with the Father. “We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” We don’t have to continue to sin, and we don’t have to lose this country to evil. Let’s fight for an awakening in this country.

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Article posted with permission from Jesse Lee Peterson

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