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The People vs. John Boehner – The Effort to Oust the Speaker of the House

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Published on: December 22, 2014

The American people have spoken loudly – shouted actually – that they want Barack Obama’s policies and his lawless imperial presidency stopped cold. They sent that message in November by giving Republicans control of the U.S. Senate and a stronger grip on the House. The people are our strongest link.

The GOP – under the leadership of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell – is still being run over by Obama. He seems to cast a strange spell over weak people. These “leaders” care only about the perks of power. They’re not interested in stopping this tyrannical president. That’s obvious. They are our weakest link.

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So it’s clear that the people’s will must be allowed to move forth unfettered. The bottleneck is the GOP leadership. So the blockage that is stopping those who are willing to stand up against Obama must be removed and replaced – it’s simple physics.

The Republicans’ recent cave-in on the budget clearly demonstrated a shocking leadership crisis. And we have only so many choices available now to deal with this bold nullification of our Constitution, which is allowing amnesty and Obamacare to move through unscathed, among a multitude of other illegalities:

  1. Acceptance and submission. We simply accept that the GOP leadership is too weak and intimidated to act; therefore, we waive the white flag of surrender and lose our beloved America forever. Not a good option!
  2. Impeach Obama: Impractical – he and his minions, with the help of the misinformation propaganda hacks in the media, will make Obama into a victim and make the Ferguson/New York City anti-police riots look like child’s play.
  3. Defund Obama: Now that’s a good choice!
  4. Get rid of bad Republican leaders: Yes, I like that, too.
  5. Leave the GOP and form a new party. That may be the way to go in the future, but we’re not there yet. A solid argument has been made that people need to exhaust all possibilities to work within the Republican Party to affect change. Reason: The organizational structure, experience and money is already there. It’s taken years to build that up, and it’s an effective route to power.
  6. Physical action – i.e. measures beyond the electoral process. We always hear these kinds of things when the political leadership fails. I believe the people who talk like this are mostly weak reactionary people who have given up their power in every imaginable arena: the family, community, culture, educational system, and especially in politics! And now they want to lash out with violence – but that’s the easy and cowardly way out. We have the experience of the Civil War as a warning. It resulted in the deaths of some 620,000 Americans. It was bloody, and it split Americans apart like nothing else in our history. Since we couldn’t solve our own problem, it also empowered the federal government and became a precedent for future usurpations of the people’s power.

So I think you can see that most of the “solutions” noted above are not good. But No. 3 and No. 4 are.

Which brings me to Joseph Farah’s “Dump Boehner” campaign. This is an innovative way for the people to have their voice heard and to reach and encourage all the Republican House members – with minimal cost and hassle – to stand against Boehner’s concessions and stand with the American people. The pressure will grow from within the GOP to oust him.

WND will do all the heavy lifting. They buy the paper, pay for printing, notify the media and make sure your 247 separate letters are delivered to the 247 Republican members of Congress when they return to Washington in January. Your only obligation is paying a nominal amount (less than $30) that covers the Fed-Ex mailing and handling expenses of 247 letters sent on your behalf. That’s money well spent!

Will it get attention? You bet!

Will it ultimately work and give us the result we seek? No one knows for sure. But it’s worth a shot, and we’ll never know unless we try. Joseph Farah has made a compelling case in his recent column.

I’m behind Joseph Farah 100 percent on this one. I like using wisdom to get results, and this idea leverages a small amount of time and money to get a potentially huge payoff.

What about Sen. Mitch McConnell – shouldn’t he go, too? Joseph has dealt with this – he senses that people are more fed up with John Boehner now, and I agree. And once we get Boehner’s attention, McConnell will sit up and take notice.

Conservative members need to consider who would be good replacements for the good ol’ boys. Imagine, for instance, someone like Ted Cruz, Trey Gowdy, or Steve King being a new Republican leader!

These are the possibilities that are open to us when we throw off the pessimism, open our minds and think big! Yes, these kinds of things are possible, and the time to act is now.

Stand with WND, Joseph Farah, me and thousands of other like-minded Americans and JOIN THE DUMP BOEHNER CAMPAIGN NOW.


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