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Persecution of Arkansas Family Continues – County Forces Public School and Daily Home Invasion

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Published on: May 8, 2015

We have reported that the Stanley family has had their children removed from the home.  They went several weeks with no real explanation.  No charges were filed.  They endured court dates and interviews, but finally the children have been returned.  However, the nightmare is far from over.  And as we look at this, remember, this could be something you might face.

Christian News reports:

Concerns are being raised after scrutiny continues into the lives of a homeschooling family whose children were taken from them earlier this year by the Garland Country Sheriff’s Department—which friends of the family now state has scared away the midwife who was to have helped with the soon-coming birth of their ninth child.

The children were taken.  Their house searched with nothing illegal found.  The children, contrary to the parents’ wishes were placed in public schools.  No real reason was ever given that would warrant that actions of the DHS or Garland County Sheriff’s Department.  Now, with Michelle Stanley nine months pregnant, the midwife they had been using has been scared away.

Yet, the midwife is just the last in a string of offenses endured by this family since the children have been returned.

Hal Stanley also notes that during a hearing last month, it was ruled that the three eldest children must remain in public school, and that a psychologist must visit the home 20 hours a week for the next 6-12 weeks “to promote harmony in the family.”

This begs the question.  Is this the meaning of Hillary’s book, It Takes a Village?  Does that mean that we have to raise our children as the state or county DHS deems acceptable?  How can a judge force parents to not educate their children at home if that type of education is legal in that state?  How is it not unconstitutional to forbid something to one family that is allowed by everyone else?

But there is more.

“They have state ‘agents’ showing up at their house every day unannounced who stay for hours and ‘observe’ and seek to ‘counsel,'” outlines the “Bring the Stanley Kids Home” Facebook page, managed by a friend simply identified as Kristy.

Think about that: People showing up at your house every day, forcing you to do what is contrary to what you think is best for your children.  This is not what liberty looks like.  This is not what it means to be free.

Now the family faces the almost impossible search for a new midwife.

Christian News further reports, “[T]he midwife they had planned to use for a home birth next month was interrogated and intimidated by police and ‘warned’ to stay away from the Stanleys, which means Mrs. Stanley is [just a few] weeks from her due date with no midwife.”

When man is the determiner of all things, actions such as those of the Garland County Sheriff’s Department and the DHS are perfectly acceptable.  This is why we desperately need God’s Law as our guide and shield.  I discuss such issues in my book, An Eternal Covenant.  Buy it today.

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