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Yes – Mock Islam at Every Opportunity

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Published on: May 8, 2015

For a long time, I agonized over whether pigeonholing liberals as either stupid, deluded or evil presented an unfair and narrow-minded assessment. After all – are there not intelligent, sane and decent liberals among us?

Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that this appraisal is accurate and that those who self-identify as “liberal” do indeed fit into one of those three subcategories. For the record, I’m not talking about those we refer to as “classical liberals.”

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Plainly put, I believe that the evidence is in and that I’ve developed sufficient clarity on the matter to back up the statement.

More important than understanding where they’re coming from is the reality that the stakes have become too high to consider concepts of equity in accommodating liberals’ perverse worldview – even those who are basically good people (and who I would say fall into the “deluded” group). This sort wants to have an intellectual debate while the ship glides toward the iceberg, a course their more “dedicated” (evil) cohorts have set. In fact, they believe that we have an obligation to engage in this debate with them.

Well, sorry, pal – we’re taking the helm, and if someone has to bust you in the chops in the process, so be it. The fact that those on the left never engage in the type of introspection I’d been doing on the subject only served to further validate my conclusion, by the way.

As we are aware, two armed men were killed on Sunday after shooting at a security guard outside an exhibit of cartoon depictions of the Muslim “prophet” Muhammad in suburban Dallas, Texas. The shooters, who opened fire on the guard with semiautomatic rifles before being outgunned by police, were Arizona-based, and one was already the subject of a terrorism investigation.

The exhibit was part of a contest being held over the weekend by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI). It was calculated to make a statement illustrating the intolerance and barbarity of Islam, that ancient death cult posing as a religion.

Obviously, it worked, as exemplified by the two deceased death cultists, who presumably thought they would make an example of AFDI á la Charlie Hebdo, the French magazine that was attacked by jihadis in January.

Immediately, the political left clamored to get their two cents’ worth in: They excoriated AFDI and its president, Pamela Geller, as Islamophobic bigots attempting to provoke otherwise peaceful Muslims. For some time, Geller (who is also a regular columnist for WND) and AFDI have been raising the ire of liberal baby-cannons and Muslims in New York with their anti-jihad billboard advertisements; these showcase historically accurate Muslim anti-Semitism and Islamists’ statements of Jew hatred.

One of the most notable byproducts of liberals’ apoplexy was Pamela Geller’s casual dismembering of CNN’s Alisyn Camerota mere hours after the incident. First intimating that Geller hates Muslims because she protests against jihad, Camerota then attempted to intercede on behalf of America’s “3 million peaceful Muslims,” who are apparently as elusive as Bigfoot.

[See Geller’s CNN interview]:

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Addressing this supposed provocation of Muslims, we find yet another object lesson in the boundless hypocrisy of the political left. For example: If one of these at-risk “transgender” teenage lads (over whom liberals have been making such a fuss lately) comes to school dressed as Rollerena and his classmates look at him like he’s a freak, his exploits are “normal,” but it’s “bullying” on the part of his peers. However, if a private organization holds a contest for the best cartoon depicting the “prophet” Muhammad, that’s “provocation.”

As a few have pointed out, another apt analogy is that of blaming the rape victim for her rape in that she “provoked” her attacker by wearing revealing attire.

It has been established over centuries that the passive, inoffensive first 2 percent of Muslims who immigrate to other countries and keep to themselves always give rise to the militancy of Islamists – always. Muslims intend to wholly subjugate America, to supplant our paradigm with their retrograde one, first by guile, and finally by force of arms. The imperative to do so is codified in Islamic texts, thus any denial is either manifest delusion or deliberate deception, quod erat demonstrandum.

As such, not only should Americans not avoid mocking Islam and its pedophiliac, serial-murdering “prophet,” but we ought to do so at every available opportunity, in the spirit of the World War II-era hit song, “Der Fuhrer’s Face.”

Actually, I’d say it’s poetic justice, taking into account that Middle Eastern Muslims of high station collaborated with Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich, during and after the war.

For me, this isn’t even about standing up for the Christian Church per se; it is a factor, but this is about standing up for America. Our God-given rights themselves are under attack by people in service of evil, and this is being handily demonstrated in the methods by which they are attempting to undermine the Constitution: cultural balkanization via race tension and class envy, the elevation of homosexuals to the status of an unassailable protected class, and their pathological deference toward Muslims, who ironically despise many factions within the left’s political contingency.

As far as American Christians go: We must become more militant in our thinking. By this I do not mean taking up arms and hunting jihadis (although the likelihood that this will ultimately become necessary increases every day). I mean that we must stop avoiding confrontation and stop acquiescing when detractors level the charge that we’re all the more bigoted and intolerant if we stand up for ourselves.

If we are truly Bible-believing Christians, we must become Defenders of the Faith and Soldiers of the Cross; personifying the grim, resolved Crusader of old – ready and willing to cleave the enemy in twain with cogent communication, history, Scripture and attitude rather than a broadsword.

At least for now …


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