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Planned-emic’s Over – Cue the Riots

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Published on: June 23, 2020

Have you asked yourself “Who are these evil people who’ve engineered this chaos? Are they trying to destroy America”? The draconian pandemic policies, riots and race wars are obviously being coordinated – so obvious everyone has taken notice, even grandma!

Let’s get down to the root of this cancer: the globalist cabal. Their goal is to control the masses worldwide. They don’t care how many innocent people die to achieve their hellish goals. The cabal’s evil knows no bounds. They see us as livestock to be herded however they want. And they hate America and everything she stands for most of all.

This is not Republican versus Democrat. It’s pro-American versus anti-American. It’s good versus evil.

But looking at the cabal’s transparent plays, they are desperate. Panic led to stupid decisions that exposed their corruption. Now we know who they really are and what they’re up to.

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The cabal has underestimated everyday average patriotic Americans. They thought we were stupid. They thought wrong. If we stop to think about everything we’ve witnessed in the last few years, their failed plan to take control of our lives has become clear:

  • They want us divided by race, class, religion, sex, age, and so on. Divided, we are weak and we attack each other. Divided, we miss the target of our real enemy. 
  • The mainstream media (MSM) is used by the enemy as a weapon of deception and fear. If you voice an opposite view, you must be isolated, label-lynched and smeared. The Marxist media monopoly, 90% owned by only six companies, take their instructions from the cabal each day on what narrative to push. They are literally a mind-control tool. The MSM’s propaganda will rot the soul and crush the spirit. Notice the declining MSM ratings. Most Americans no longer trust them, and for good reason. Their news is fake but the war against us is real.
  • The cabal that controls the MSM’s talking points devised an unsuccessful Coup d’état based on lies: Russia, investigate, impeach, repeat. 
  • When the coup failed, the cabal, in cooperation with China, unleashed a new virus and classified it a pandemic to control the masses worldwide. How long will healthy people submit without question? Ineffective mask wearing? Six feet apart? Shutdowns for business? No public events? Inflated death counts keeping us fearful? Americans are over it! Is prolonging this all about voting by mail? You bet!
  • The virus hysteria has failed to control us, so what’s next in the old Marxist playbook? Exploit peaceful protests to open the door for insurrection against the government? Cue the cabal’s army, Antifa, now designated a domestic terrorist organization, to riot, burn, pillage, injure, and kill. Antifa claims to be anti-fascist, but their violence screams fascism. Fascists cannot be appeased and will turn on their allies, making Antifa the perfect tool for the cabal, so the MSM coverage of their violence is minimal. 
  • The next step? Remove police and ban military from cities that cooperate, leaving anarchy to fill the void. Leave no other option but self-defense for the unfortunate citizens of extreme left city governments. 
  • Elite globalists are planning and financing all of the above behind the scenes. It’s the usual suspects: Soros and his America-hating globalist comrades. Their goal? Keep and/or obtain power by any means necessary and hide their unbridled corruption and crimes against humanity. With the help of the MSM, distractions are created to control the masses and prevent public exposure of the truth at all costs.

The good news? We, the American patriots, are in the majority and are winning. We’ve had enough of the lies. Our hope will no longer be crushed by the fear-porn of false prophets: media, politicians, elites, Hollywood, and academia. We are not fooled by inflated polls, silenced by social media, or intimidated by violence. The enemy seriously underestimated our strength and resolve as Americans.

History reminds us of what fascism looks like: Venezuela, Communist China, Cuba, Cold War Russia, Nazi Germany and others. We want no part of that. Globalists want to destroy America’s history so we won’t make the connection that they’re regurgitating fascism from the same old Marxist playbook. America fought wars to stop the evils of Marxism. Patriots want to remember history, the good and the bad, so we’re careful not to repeat the bad and honor the good.

America’s patriots have common sense. We know BS when we hear it and know evil when we see it. We know how to think for ourselves and question things that don’t add up. We are peaceful, strong, hard-working, principled, liberty-loving individuals. And we’re armed.

We’ll not bend our knees to politically correct crap or fall victim to violent tantrums. What threatens the enemy most is that we bend our knees to pray, just as our forefathers did. The cabal is well acquainted with the darkness of the spiritual realm they worship. They draw evil from it and they know we have the authority to destroy it. That’s why they hate us. Notice how churches have been pressured by some leaders to stay closed the last few months but it’s okay to hold massive riots disguised as protests? Their hypocrisy exposes who they really are and what they fear.

It’s time to shine light on darkness. YOU are the news now. If you see something that doesn’t seem right, it’s probably not. Expose it with truth, using whatever talent you have. Put on the full armor of God as in Ephesians 6. Fight the good fight like it all depends on you and pray like it all depends on God…because it does! 

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Article by Karen Lees

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