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There Are NO Lines With These Criminals: Look What Is Happening To Your America – Men Winning Women’s Pageants…

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Published on: November 17, 2022

“That which a man spits against Heaven, shall fall on his own face.” -Thomas Adams

Years ago (2005), when the government, working hand in glove with the mainstream media’s useful idiots, began to push the illegal sodomite agenda, we all found it to be clearly aimed at our children (Luke 17:2). How could it be otherwise when we found that the homosexual manifesto was entered into the congressional record?

We also found out who, in many cases, was behind the agenda (Luke 12:2).

I had warned repeatedly that if you give them a green light by allowing them to advocate what the Lord clearly condemns, it is going to cost the innocent, and so it has (Exodus 22:22-24).

All of these crimes mentioned above are rightly called in state statutes “crimes against nature,” which are directly derived from Scripture (Romans 1:26).

Because these warning have gone unheeded (Ezekiel 33), the people as a whole have encouraged men to dress up as women (Deuteronomy 22:5) and make a prey of the children. These are criminals in nature through and through and must be lawfully dealt with as the such (Amos 5:24).

(Graphic Video: view with caution)

Now, we have the powers that are tolerated even going so far as to give the abominable agenda another push forward, which, in the end, is a mere expose of who they really are.

Brietbart just reported Video: Biological Male Wins Miss America in New Hampshire Teen Beauty Pageant.

Brían Nguyen, a biological male who identifies as female has won Miss Greater Derry 2023 in New Hampshire, making Nguyen the first transgender titleholder within the Miss America Organization.

“In the 100 year history of Miss America, I have officially become the FIRST transgender titleholder within the Miss America Organization,” Nguyen said in an Instagram post.


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A post shared by Brían Nguyen (@missgreaterderrynh)

“No words can describe the feeling of having the opportunity to serve my community and represent my community for the very first time at Miss New Hampshire,” Nguyen added. “I am so honored to be crowned your new Miss Greater Derry 2023, and I am thrilled to show you all what I have up my sleeves. This will be an amazing year.”

Along with the crown and title, Nguyen has also earned a scholarship.

In conclusion: Friends, let me make this very clear for you:  This is criminal behavior and they are attempting to normalize these crimes and this in the light of day. This is called daring the justice of God.

I ask, where is the Church to stand up in protest against these crimes? In the end, the American people will wish that they did what they should have done when they had time in doing so if they sit down and do nothing (Genesis 19).

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