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Pro-Death Hillary Now Claims “Every Life Matters”

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Published on: April 30, 2015

The Democratic, Socialist, raking in foreign money, criminal, who should not be allowed to run for president, has made a new statement concerning “life.” The woman who said that religious beliefs, deep seated cultural codes and structural biases had to change so that women are not denied access to reproductive health care and safe childbirth has now decided that “every life matters.”

At Columbia University on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton stated:

“Now even in the most painful times like those we are seeing in Baltimore, when parents fear for their children, when smoke fills the skies above our cities, when police officers are assaulted, even then, especially then, let’s remember the aspirations and values that unite us all, that every person should have the opportunity to succeed, that no one is disposable, that every life matters.”

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Yes, it seems this individual who supports the murder of babies in the womb by their mothers and was an accomplice to the murder of four Americans in Benghazi has now decided that “every life matters” and “no one is disposable.” If she truly believes that, there is no need for a change in religious beliefs, deep seated cultural codes or structural biases. Honestly, though, does anyone believe what this woman says since she herself is dishonest, along with her philandering husband?

The hard-core communist Democrat stated in the same speech, “We need to start understanding how important it is to care for every single child as though that child were our own.”

While it might sound good, it’s actually code for “the children belong to the community and the government and it’s up to all of us to provide for them” – meaning indoctrinate them in the Communist/Socialist/Marxist ideology and take rights away from parents.

Clinton went on to talk about the bipartisan movement for criminal justice reforms that have been supported by Rand Paul, Cory Booker, Mike Lee, and Dick Durbin: Senators who are reaching across the aisle to work together on this issue. She stated that it was rare to see Democrats and Republicans reaching across the aisle on issues; but both parties agreed on this issue. According to Clinton, “We need to restore balance to our criminal justice system.”

The criminal justice system of the united States needs its balance restored. One has to wonder exactly what Hillary means by that. Then, it has to be determined what’s out of balance, out of balance according to whom, and what is to be done to get the scales balanced again according to whomever has put themselves in charge of all of this. In dealing with those who possess Clinton’s ideology, it’s not as simple as following the Constitution, applying the laws equally, getting rid of ridiculous, unconstitutional agencies with their “rules and regulations” that make everyone a criminal, cease imposition of ridiculous sentencing for certain crimes, stop the privatization of prisons, and the militarization of our law enforcement agencies.

The simple solution, according to Clinton, is to follow Obama’s task force on policing and recommend “body cameras” for every officer to record interactions between police and suspects. According to Clinton, “that will improve transparency and accountability. It will help protect good people on both sides of the lens.” Clinton stated this was a “common sense” step but warned that “for every tragedy caught on tape, there surely have been many more that remained invisible.” She believes body cameras should be the norm everywhere.

It has never occurred to the Communist Clinton that law enforcement agencies need to follow the law themselves, uphold their oaths to the Constitution, return to “protecting and serving” the communities, and cease unreasonable policies that violate individual God-given rights, such as “no knock” raids, dispensing of due process for roadside strip searches, car searches and asset forfeiture policies. Law enforcement officers should also know the law. If ignorance of the law is not a defense for the citizenry, it should not be a defense for an officer who commits an infraction against a citizen, charging them with a law violation when the citizen is innocent.

None of those options would be consistent with furthering the united States of America into a communist “everyone is a suspect” surveillance, police state country. Since local and state governments are slaves to the receipt of federal funds, Obama has offered matching funds to state and local governments who invest in body cameras. It won’t take long for the local yokels to be equipping their officers with body cameras. While body cameras would supposedly “help,” one has to know that it is the law enforcement agency who controls the output of the body camera. Incidents they want hid will still be hid. After all, those who control the information can control its content; and, we all know how government is with information.

This is the individual that has decided to pitch her hat into the ring as a candidate for president. Why is the Democratic Party allowing this criminal to even entertain the idea of running? There is so much criminal wrong-doing surrounding this woman it should be a no-brainer to disqualify her based on her activities in the Rose Law firm, being fired under Nixon, her involvement with the Black Panthers, Benghazi, the email scandal, the foreign donors contributing to the Clinton foundation, the questionable tax returns, and documented evidence against both Bill and Hillary contained in “The Clinton Chronicles.” Instead, this woman is out making speeches, pandering to voters, and trying to appear that she has changed her attitude on certain issues as a potential presidential candidate.

Clinton also tried to portray an “emotional” religious side by asking the Columbia University audience to pray with her for Freddie Gray‘s family and others’ families whose lives were lost unnecessarily, “the people of Baltimore and our Beloved country.” If this woman has ever humbly, honestly and sincerely prayed, then I’m the Easter Bunny. Individuals with her ideology are loathing of religion and those who believe in God and Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. No one has jumped up and stated that she was forcing religion on others or complained about prayer in a public venue because they know what she’s doing and know she doesn’t mean it.

It’s time the citizens of the united States shut down this charlatan and hold her accountable for her actions. It’s also time the citizens take to task the Democratic Party in not properly vetting candidates for the office of the president, as we should the Republican Party as well. Citizens need to demand candidates of questionable integrity and criminality be stopped from holding public office.

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