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Purdue Pharma – I Don’t Answer Your Questions – You Answer Mine!

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Published on: November 7, 2020

On September 29, 2020 I wrote an article for entitled “Janel R. Miller, Deceased Will Not Be Another Statistic in the Opioid Epidemic!  It was also published in The Washington Standard and Sons of Liberty Media.

My article dealt with a lawsuit that was filed by attorneys Richard J. Hollawell and Mark C. Dewland representing the family of Janel R. Miller.  The civil action was filed on September 11 and is a Medical Malpractice lawsuit filed in Mercer County, Pennsylvania on behalf of the Estate of Janel R. Miller, deceased, against Ashraf Razzak, MD (also deceased), Olivia E. Razzak, Executrix of the Estate of Ashraf Razzak, MD, Christina L. Cole, FNP-BC, and Pain, Spine, Aesthetic & Wellness Center, PC.  

The lawsuit alleges that Janel was given 164 narcotic prescriptions while under treatment at the Pain, Spine, Aesthetic & Wellness Center, PC aka “The Pain Center.” (A copy of the filed complaint is shown in this article).

Janel’s family reached out to Mr. Hollawell to seek justice for Janel after a futile two years of banging on doors of law enforcement and legal counsel to investigate a pain center that had Janel as a patient from May 2012 until August 2018 and had allegedly addicted her to dangerous opioids without medical assessment, screening or standard of care being applied.

The lawsuit also states that after Janel’s death, the treating physician at the “Pain Clinic”, Ashraf Razzak, MD and Christina L. Cole, FNP-BC allegedly backdated treatment records and had not completed office notes after each medical visit, but rather, electronically signed notes within minutes apart — after Janel’s death.

My editor at received an email from the criminally convicted pharmaceutical company, Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin but rather than an individual name, it read “from  The subject of the email was “Follow-up question regarding your media article.”

This is the email sent to my editor:

Dear Marianne Skolek-perez,

Purdue Pharma has become aware of information regarding an adverse experience associated with the use of one of our products.

Should you have additional questions or details, please respond to this email or contact the Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Department at (888) 726-7535, prompt #2. Please reference your case number(s) when contacting Purdue.

Thank you for assisting us in gathering valuable quality and safety information about our products.


Purdue Pharma

Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance

As insulting as this email is from Purdue Pharma who has lawsuits throughout the country against them and a bogus bankruptcy filing, I will take the above as a form of intimidation directed toward me.  They are well aware of “the reporter name, address and telephone number.”  I have been exposing their criminal marketing of OxyContin resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths and addictions for over 18 years.  The remainder of their questions in their email is too ludicrous for me to respond.

For Purdue Pharma to have the audacity to say “Thank you for assisting us in gathering valuable quality and safety information about our products” is outrageous.  

My first question to them is “how do you sleep at night knowing hundreds of thousands of families have lost loved ones to your lies in the marketing of OxyContin?”

If you’re curious about Janel R. Miller’s death, I suggest you contact “The Pain Center” in Hermitage, PA and obtain copies of their medical records for Janel Miller.

I don’t answer your questions — you answer my questions!

Family of Janel R. Miller lawsuit by Tim Brown on Scribd

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