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The Real JV Team Emerges

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Published on: February 2, 2015

Talk about a “haunting comment.” Obama’s comment about ISIS terrorists being the “JV team” will go down in history as one of the worst of all time.

Can you imagine how thick the book of “Obama’s Greatest Faux Paus” will be? Or how many volumes it will be? Do I need to list them all or do we have them memorized as some of us do the “Pledge of Allegiance”?

Mr. Obama called ISIS a “JV Team,” but now he says he didn’t quite say that. Just like he now says he didn’t quite say “you can keep your doctor” and he didn’t quite say “your health care premiums would be less than your cell phone bill.” It sure seems like we keep hearing him wrong and the internet records him wrong a lot too!

To continue, he called ISIS a JV Team because he felt they lacked the brain power, resources, and commitment that it takes to go after the Pro Teams, like the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Syria and God only knows who else he was thinking of.

You see, the reason you have a JV Team is because the players are younger, less experienced, and need more time to practice together. You don’t usually want them on the big boys’ team because they would drag them down.

That “JV Team” that Mr. Obama tagged, aka ISIS, is now in control of a very large part of the Middle East. They are responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of innocent people. They are part of the reason oil prices are falling as they steal oil, load it up in stolen tankers, and sell it on the open market. They are instilling fear in and around Europe and parts of the U.S. These junior league boys are acting like, and accomplishing, senior league goals.

Why? It’s because they are committed at all costs, even to the point of death. That’s what makes them senior league. They are willing to give it all for the end game, and when they are up against it, they give some more. Their leaders speak out and stand behind their misguided principles and get the resources they need by any means to ensure they win.

Enter the “White House JV Team” (WHJV), the “Coyotes” (I use coyotes because zoologist say they are the most cowardly animal and only attack when the enemy is well outnumbered.) This administration has gained control of one of the most powerful and feared fighting forces on the planet since the Roman army and has effectively turned them into the most unreliable fighting force on the planet; and it’s no fault of the capable men and women that serve in the military.

This president knows more about more things than every one of our great thinkers and philosophers before him. Just ask him and he tell you so!

I say this because he puts together military, economic, and social issue committees and takes little to none of the suggested actions from these committees.

He makes every mistake a first-year law or medical student makes. Most students feel they have the answers after their first year in school and are willing to tell you what’s wrong with you before you even ask.

He put together a military commission on how to deal with ISIS and the threats in the Middle East. After these seasoned military experts had returned with their findings, he decided they were wrong and took it in another direction. Ignoring the experts was a serious JV move.

Obama also appointed the head of General Electric to chair his jobs committee. This is the same guy who took the majority of US jobs overseas. Does that make any sense? No, it doesn’t. Once again, Obama implemented almost none of the committee suggestions.

He gathered some well-known economists together for another committee, but none from the opposing side of the economic aisle. When the committee came back with their recommendations, he implemented some, but not the majority.

Why waste the time of all these experts if you plan on doing what you want regardless of their findings? This guy admits to getting his “security briefings” from the news. How do I know? How many times have you heard, “I found out like you did when I heard it on the news”?

He has no experience running a company or small government entity. He was never on a school board, water board, or city council. He had no hard votes while in office. The man has had zero experience to speak of. He doesn’t he even qualify as a JV Team leader. Looking at his record, I wouldn’t make him an assistant equipment coach for a local T-ball team.

Some on the left will tell me I’m just down on him and that the economy and jobs are better. As long as the government keeps propping up the stock market to the tune of $85 billion in tax money each month, sure we will be fine. As long as people keep dropping off the unemployment rolls because they can’t find work, those numbers will look good. As long as we don’t say the majority of the jobs being filled are part-time and filled by non-American nationals that looks good also.

Statistics seem to help everyone. In 2008, we had 118 million full-time workers. Today, we have 117 million. Workforce participation in 2008 was 65.0%. Today, it’s 63.8%. Did that many people die? Home ownership, the real American Dream, was 67.5% in 2008. Today, it’s 65% and dropping. Income equity was rising steadily until 2008, then started to decrease. Median income was $53,500 in 2008. Today, it’s $51,017, and that doesn’t include adjustment for healthcare costs added by the government. Poverty levels in this country have gone from 13.2% in 2008 to 15% today. Our country’s debt to GDP ratio will be unable to be fixed without us either defaulting or having a major turnaround within the next 50 years. In 2008, 64.8% of our GDP was encumbered. Today, it’s 101.6%. Really? Can you imagine going to the bank and showing them you were spending more money that you make and asking for a loan on a second or bigger house?

Finally, consider that people on food stamps in 2008 were just over 28.2 million. Today it’s nearly 48 million, and many of those are not even paying into the system.

And don’t get me started about how a head coach pulls all the groups together instead of alienating everyone like El Presidente has done at home and abroad!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… the real JV Team representing these United States of America… the Obama Administration.

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