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Regulation Nation – Barbeque Grills and 8-Minute Showers

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Published on: April 14, 2015

“Burning the Constitution should not become part of our national energy policy.” Laurence Tribe, Harvard University, on the Environmental Protection Agency

Environmentalists and leftists, once content with saving the Spotted owl, the Snail darter, the Prairie dog and more recently, the California Delta smelt, are seeking new ground – a new crusade to champion. It’s becoming more and more apparent with each passing year that their real mission is to save Americans, not just from CO2 , but from, themselves. Too much freedom is dangerous and it’s certainly a danger to Washington D.C. whose sole purpose is to create completely useless, but costly, government programs.

We all know the best place to seek endangered species is in their natural habitat, which is why the EPA has suddenly taken such great interest in those of us who still see ourselves as individuals in the privacy of our own homes, our own back yards and just to prove nothing is off limits, our own showers, too. It’s important to keep in mind the EPA’s noble task is always for the “good of the planet.” Never mind if it’s killing jobs, industry, your freedom, or your peace of mind.

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Most American’s associate the EPA with governing large businesses and industry, but they’d never imagine government regulations entering the confines of their personal space. Unfortunately, for those of us who cherish our privacy and individual liberty, that’s all about to change.

On top of my discovery of the EPA’s regulation of wood burning stoves, “Smart Meters” are now being used to crack down on water “abuse and misuse” in the state of California due to ongoing drought. These meters are being promoted as ways to conserve energy and resources, but what they’re not telling people is this will tie into the “Smart Grid” giving government bureaucrats control over everything “from your dishwasher to your thermostat.” Not to mention possible health concerns with the meters, themselves.

As if this weren’t enough, the EPA released new regulations last summer in its Clean Power Plan which will result in much higher electric bills and, if the plan succeeds, will phase out the existing coal-fired power plants that still provide 40% of America’s electricity.

The Progressive left has found the perfect vehicle in the EPA to regulate changes in policy instead of allowing legislation to pass through Congress. Essentially, the EPA is bypassing Congress to create law, which is a violation of the Fifth Amendment.

All of this is under the guise of eliminating climate change, which we know is pure fabrication supported by government paid “scientists.” Despite data by environmental scientists and climatologists that dispute these claims, liberals in search of a false narrative to defend have found the Holy Grail.

Recently, two studies were completed that were funded by the EPA. One by the University of California, and the other by the University of Tulsa. Both were awarded $15,000, but the implications could be far-reaching.

The University of Tulsa’s objective was to develop a wireless shower system to monitor individual shower usage in hotels. The goal is getting people to modify their behavior. Instead of taking an 8 minute shower and using approximately 18 gallons of water for the average individual, the EPA wants to shave that time to 7 minutes or less. To accomplish this important task, the EPA offers these instructions: 1) Turn water on, rinse hair and body. 2) Turn water off, soap hair and body 3) Rinse.

Not exactly relaxing! Doesn’t this defeat one of the purposes for showers?

Some of the sanest moments of the day are between shampooing and conditioning. Is shower monitoring really necessary? When did behavior modification become the job of the EPA or government, for that matter?

Government doesn’t see Americans as individuals with rights and freedoms, but as a problem to be managed.

The University of California study targeted backyard barbeques and the grease drippings from the grill. Their findings could have “global application” to reduce air pollution as well as hazards from propane powered grills. Two solutions were given: 1) A slotted tray to catch meat drippings; 2) Total capture of fumes from the grill requiring a filter, fan and secondary power source that could be either (a) electric or (b) a hand-powered crank.

Suddenly, backyard barbequing doesn’t sound like much fun. Imagine turning a hand crank to capture fumes from an afternoon of grilling? Is your backyard barbeque really a threat to the environment or is the real problem some looney tune liberal who thinks the Polar Ice Caps are melting and sea levels are rising?

If the EPA continues down this path, barbeque grills, hotel showers, wood burning stoves, and the appliances in America’s homes will be regulated by Washington, D.C. The agenda isn’t about saving the planet from the evils of man-made CO2, but a government-created crisis to enslave every man, women and child. Every business and sector of industry will have to pay homage to the cult-like devotion to the environment.

It’s time to come to terms with the truth about climate change and the EPA’s regulatory power.

Laurence Tribe, a liberal Constitutional scholar at Harvard University and mentor to Barack Obama, has been very critical about the EPA’s overreach saying, “Burning the Constitution should not become part of our national energy policy.”

He went on to say, “the EPA possesses only the authority granted by Congress and that it raises serious questions under the separation of powers…because the EPA is attempting to exercise law making power that belongs to Congress and judicial power that belongs to the federal courts.”

Tribe also made comments late last year attacking the EPA’s power plant rules stating this was a violation of the Fifth and 10th Amendments to the Constitution.

The EPA is becoming a regulatory behemoth eating up the private sector, killing jobs and growth. At the same time, they’re infringing on the rights of states and the individual by regulating everything from utility companies to power and water usage in homes and businesses.

America needs protection from the Environmental Protection Agency. That protection is knowing and upholding the Constitution. We must become advocates, activists and agitators for individual liberty and states’ rights and get involved in this process we call government.

Thomas Jefferson stated in the Declaration of Independence,

    “…governments are instituted among men, deriving their powers from the

    consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes

    destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it,

    and to institute new government…”

It’s up to the people to right what is wrong with the EPA and what is wrong with government. Every American is guaranteed the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and since we know climate change is a faulty premise, this includes barbeque grills and 8 minute showers.

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