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Rep. Chip Roy Intros HR6649 To Help Service Members, But Service Members Should Help Themselves, As Well

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Published on: February 14, 2022

When it comes to medical treatment, an individual has the ultimate autonomy over their own body to decide whether or not to take any or all medical treatments. This specific autonomy and right is contained partly in the Fourth Amendment and totally in the Ninth Amendment of the Constitution for the united States of America. Moreover, one cannot forget US Code and the Nuremberg Code that expressly cites participation in any “experiment” is voluntary and informed consent is required. Yet, there are those at certain levels of government who believe those rights and autonomies are forfeited when employed by the federal government or in military service.

Republican Representative Chip Roy of Texas has introduced HR 6649, known as “The Service Restoration Act”, to “prohibit adverse action against a member of the Armed Services who refuses to receive a vaccination against COVID-19, and for other purposes”, which include reinstatement of those individuals who were involuntary discharged for refusal to take the CONvid-1984 injection.

Natural News has more.

Representative Chip Roy of Texas has introduced a bill allowing service members who are discharged as a result of the coronavirus vaccine mandate imposed on the military by the Biden administration to be reinstated.

Representative Roy’s bill, which is known as the Service Restoration Act, would also prevent military service members from “adverse action” because they opted not to get the jab, such as punishment, retaliation, forced mask-wearing, placement in sub-standard housing or disparate treatment.

It would also allow any service members who are reinstated to count the time that they were discharged toward their retirement benefits and expunge any adverse action that was imposed upon them over their refusal to get the vaccine from their service record.

Speaking to Breitbart News, Representative Roy said: “Because of President Biden’s power-hungry, anti-science COVID-19 vaccine mandate, hundreds of valuable American service members are being forced out of our military, taking with them years of subject-matter expertise, careers of selfless sacrifice, and lifelong dreams of military service. This is strategically foolish, profoundly un-American, and completely unacceptable.”

The bill would also prohibit federal funds from being used to require armed forces members to get the vaccine. So far, it has attracted seven cosponsors. However, the legislation’s chances of moving forward are pretty low considering the current Democratic majority in the House of Representatives.

So far, 700 service members have been discharged for refusal to participate in an ongoing experiment with thousands more still in the process of appealing waiver denials.

Since when does an all-volunteer military in a free constitutional republic need to “ask” those above to exercise their God-given individual unalienable rights guaranteed and protected by the Ninth Amendment, US code and the Nuremberg Code? It was more than likely after the “War of Northern Aggression to Enslave the States”. And, it could be due to the dumbing down of the citizenry since the federal government usurped the education system, with the help of the individual States.

Where are all the “bands of brothers” who fight for each other when fighting the corporate banker wars in supporting the freedom and liberty of their fellow service members? Why are they not supporting the liberty of their “brothers and sisters in arms” to freely choose for themselves what medical treatments to take or not? It’s very telling when the majority of the armed forces service members do not even understand the Constitution and the oath they make to it. Does any of them understand what a “domestic enemy” truly is? Hint – it is not people who are standing in support of the Constitution and the rule of law, exercising their guaranteed and protected God-given individual unalienable rights, and/or expect justice to be served against the corrupt and criminal occupying seats in government.

There is great respect in the united States for our men and women in the armed services, as there should be. However, how can we expect these men and women to support our right to liberty when they will not support their own to exercise their liberties? How can you respect those in the armed services who submit to tyrants in our own government? If they will submit to tyrants regarding their own liberties, they will submit to tyrants when it comes to infringing on the liberties of their fellow citizens?

Before someone pipes up and says, “Suzanne, you are disrespecting our military”, let’s be clear here that these are questions that have to be answered and fast. Asking questions is not being disrespectful.

Here’s more of the story.

On Thursday, a judge extended a temporary ban on punishment for a pair of officers who do not wish to get the vaccine. A Navy commander and a Marine lieutenant colonel testified on the witness stand anonymously to protect their identities. They described their religious objections to getting the vaccine, saying that as practicing Christians, they believed getting the jab would introduce impurities into their bodies. They also voiced concerns about the fetal cell lines used to research and develop the jabs.

The military, however, did not agree with their stance and denied both of them a religious exemption; they are now facing discharge if they do not get vaccinated.

The Navy commander, who is in charge of 320 sailors on board a guided missile destroyer, said: “I cannot knowingly put something in my body that I believe is a toxin.”

The 18-year veteran testified for more than hour, saying that his belief in keeping his body free of impurities extends to what he eats, watches and listens to; he also avoids medications.

The lieutenant colonel, meanwhile, said that for her, “it would be a sin” to get the jab “Because it would defile my body. Because my body is a temple of Jesus Christ.” She has a degree in biology, and she said her stance is that the jabs are not in line with her beliefs. She was stopped from deploying to Bahrain following her refusal to get jabbed. She recently recovered from COVID-19 and has natural immunity.

The two officers are now part of a lawsuit filed by the religious organization the Liberty Counsel. Last week, U.S. District Judge Steven Merryday issued a temporary order that bans the military from disciplining the officers; the temporary order was extended until February 18 at the end of yesterday’s day-long hearing.

Unfortunately, the military seems unlikely to back down on its enforcement of the vaccine mandate. Department of Justice Attorney Amy Powell said: “We would rather people not be in the military than place other service members at risk.”

It’s a weak argument, however, when you consider the fact that vaccinated people are just as capable of spreading the disease as those who are unvaccinated.

Put aside the noting that the injected are just as capable of spreading the disease as the uninjected because this has to do with the rights to bodily autonomy and the right to choose your medical treatments held fast within the Ninth Amendment. The disease spreading garbage is nothing but smoke and mirrors. It’s being used to their advantage.

These people, like Department of Justice Attorney Amy Powell, could care less if soldiers on the field are getting sick and spreading “dis-ease” to their fellow soldiers as long as the service members are fighting the corporate/banker/government wars against nations and people who have not engaged in war against the united States. This is all about control and decimation of our military and civilians. It’s about bringing the united States and its people into subjugation to the globalists in order to fast-track a “new world order” with communism as the form of government.

Those serving in the armed forces have a decision to make. Hopefully, this little reminder will assist them in their decision. During World War II, there was a small group of military officers who saw where Hitler was leading Germany. They decided to stand against him. It was Colonel Claus von Staffenberg who placed the bomb under the desk at the Wolf’s lair. While these valiant men were shot for their gallant efforts to stop a madman by the thugs of the madman, Staffenberg and his four colleagues are the only WWII German officers honored in Germany to this day by the people. The rest are never mentioned, swept under the rug, and their names relegated to the “evil category” in history.

Think about that as you contemplate your situation.

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