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Reporter says that his Article Against Harry Reid was Killed for Political Reasons!

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Published on: April 4, 2015

This gives a whole new definition to the idea of bias in the media, doesn’t it?

Jon Ralston is a well-known and respected news man. On Wednesday he finally published an article that had been more than two years in waiting. It was a piece about Senator Harry (D-NV) that Ralston had written two years earlier, after Reid stood up and told bold-faced lies about Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Here’s what Ralston said about the article before posting it:

Now that CNN’s Dana Bash has found Harry Reid to be unrepentant about his Mitt Romney tax lies, it’s finally time to publish a column I wrote contemporaneously with the Nevada senator’s McCarthy-like tactic during the 2012 campaign. The column was never published because Las Vegas Sun Editor Brian Greenspun attempted to protect his friend, Reid, from the criticism.

I never wrote for the Sun again.

For such a popular journalist and seasoned reporter to stand up and walk out on a job that had brought him great recognition and acclaim, the problems at the Sun must have been severe. Now that Reid has finally admitted that he doesn’t care how the Democrats win, only that they do, Ralston decided it was time that piece finally saw the light. Here’s a little of what he had to say;

Reid will do whatever it takes to win, no matter the battlefield, and what his utterly execrable approach with Romney indicates is that after 25 years, we still don’t know where he draws the line – if indeed he draws one at all.

Reid is both fearless and shameless, a formidable combination for his adversaries, especially now that he has nothing to lose.

Not only did he publish the old article, but he also went on TV media to explain why he was doing what he was doing.

I’m not sure what is more disgusting, Harry Reid’s immoral tactics, or the blatant media bias exhibited by Ralston’s editors at the Sun. This is how it works though, folks. The liberals couldn’t destroy our country on their own — they needed the media to help them and help them they have. The media is as much to blame for our current predicaments as the liberals are, and the media should be judged even more harshly than the liberals… because the media were supposed to be the watchdogs, not the lapdogs they’ve become.

You can read Ralston’s entire piece excoriating Harry Reid here.


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