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Senator Bob Menendez Indicted on Federal Corruption Charges

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Published on: April 2, 2015

Almost since day one of Eagle Rising’s founding we’ve been warning you folks in New Jersey about the very corrupt and morally disturbed Senator from your great state, Bob Menendez. We’re not fans of most Democrats, mostly because of their political positions and generally liberal bent. However, Menendez holds a special place in our distasteful Hall of Fame, along with others like Charlie Rangel, Marion Barry, Rod Blagojevich, Huey Long and many other corrupt political leaders. These so-called “honorable” men have proven to be as dishonorable as they come, and they deserve none of our respect or our appreciation.

Menendez’ corruption may soon be coming to an end, thanks to a dogged investigation by Eric Holder‘s Department of Justice.

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Senator Menendez has been indicted on conspiracy to commit bribery and wire fraud there’s twelve counts that have been raised against him. And also against this Florida eye doctor. This all stems on their relationship they’ve been friends for decades. And elected to Department of Justice is alleging is that. Senator Menendez inappropriately used his position in the senate to help advance the business and financial interests of Doctor Melgen in exchange for gifts…

The Department of Justice is alleging is that senator Menendez took free trips on airplanes received gifts numbering into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. And that he eventually helped Doctor Melgen try to secure some financial interest in some personal interests and that is what is under investigation…

Menendez may be trying to hide behind politics by arguing that the Obama administration has targeted him for speaking out against Obama’s foreign policy… but those charges just don’t stick. The DOJ has been investigating him for years, and the indictment against him has been a sure thing for almost the last year.

Senator Menendez has 14 charges coming down against him that all focus in on his illicit relationship with Florida Eye Doctor Salomon Melgen, but he’s lucky not to be facing even more charges. The federal government was fairly certain that Senator Menendez was also availing himself of underage prostitutes while vacationing with Melgen in the Dominican Republic! The government even pursued charges against him from the angle way back in 2012, but they were unable to make the case stick and had to pull back and look for another avenue of attack.

Now it seems they’ve finally been able to gather enough evidence to make a compelling case against the corrupt Senator from New Jersey.

On Wednesday, the Senator fired back in a press conference, promising that he would continue to fight on despite the corruption charges being brought against him, saying “I’m not going anywhere.”

Menendez’s comments begin about 7:15 into the video.


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