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Senior Airman Brian Kolfage Seeks to Squash Internet Trolls

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Published on: June 6, 2015

Brian Kolfage, the most seriously injured Airman in US history, has been under attack on his website from “trolls.” However, the triple amputee veteran was not going to take it sitting down.

“Trolls” and “Trolling” are internet terms for those who engage in cyberbullying and harassing people online. Sometimes this spills over into the real world. There are even those who are known to be paid trolls that attack conservative and Christian websites.

Last year, Kolfage filed a defamation lawsuit in Maricopa County Superior Court. According to, Kolfage claims he was libeled in Facebook posts by seven individuals who accused him of “plagiarism and claiming he’s racist, homophobic and a drug abuser.” Some of the posters claimed their comments, as well as videos they made concerning Kolfage, were satire, but no one seemed to take them that way. In fact, you can see some of the libelous postings against Kolfage and his wife still preserved in screenshots in this article.

“The same people would write stuff on my Facebook page, and the stuff they would write is just horrendous. They would say they wished I had died, they said I was a drain on the government system, just really nasty stuff. I started sharing the comments, and it went viral. Because I was just fed up with it,” Kolfage said last year.    

While Kolfage could not go on record in an interview for this article due to ongoing legal proceedings. houses court documents that show what both the Kolfages and defendants agreed to as they made a settlement earlier this year.

Instead of going to court, the two parties reached an agreement back in February.

According to

The defendants, Prager, Loebe, Grant and Downes all attempted to get out of their deal that was made in court by a judge and on the record in February. Brian Kolfage’s lawyer filed motions to enforce the court ordered agreements on 4/27/2015 because the four defendants were trying to weasel out of it. On 5/14 the defendants responded to the motions and then on 5/29/2015 the judge presiding over the case granted the Kolfage families motions to enforce the settlement agreements.

This means 100% without a doubt the agreements from February are official and solid as gold, they can’t get out of them.

After those motions were granted the case for just those four is done. The next procedural thing to do is dismiss the case, and that’s what the judge did. The Kolfage’s were not seeking money from these people anymore since they had worked out a deal. The case was then dismissed. However, the deal stands legally.

The four defendants apparently thought things were good since the case was dismissed due to the agreement that was reached and started right back up again… the very next day! Paul Loebe, a militant anti-theist who is involved with the anti-American group “Military Religious Freedom Foundation,” presided over by none other than Mikey Weinstein, took to his blog to call Kolfage a “slimeball and disgrace to the uniform.” What he failed to realize was the agreement that he made with Kolfage was still active.

Now the veteran is seeking for the court to enforce the terms of the agreement, having filed four motions to see that it is done. You can view those documents here, here, here, and here.

There are two defendants that did not join in the settlement with Kolfage, Louis Caponecchia of Toledo, OH and Darren Remington of Nashville, TN, and one other who worked with the Kolfages to help sort things out. Both Caponeechia and Remington are continuing to be pursued to the highest extent of the law.

Many of those in question are linked with the infamous “Speedway Bomber” Brett Kimberlin, who is funded by George Soros, and is also hand in hand with the State Department in helping international visitors into the United States. Keep in mind that this is a convicted domestic terrorist, who has detonated real explosives on American soil. He’s also been a drug dealer, alleged child molester, convicted perjurer and forger. Kimberlin was investigated in the SWATting of several conservative bloggers, including Aaron Walker.

All involved were given ample warning in 2014 to stop their harassment. Logan Elia, Kolfage’s attorney, said, “He did everything he could beforehand to get these people to stop. He begged them to stop online, he attempted to clear his own reputation. Nothing he did led them to backing off. In fact, they just became more aggressive in their pursuit of him.” 

Now, the Kolfages have no recourse, but to seek enforcement of the agreement by the courts.

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