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Sheriff David Clarke Blasts Race Baiters and Ferguson Rioters

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Published on: December 3, 2014

Constitutional Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, who stirred up controversy and garnered support in 2013 when he promoted gun ownership and told people in his county that they have a duty to protect themselves and their families, recently took time to blast the race hustlers like Barack Obama, Al Sharpton and Eric Holder along with the rioters and looters in Ferguson, Missouri.

“I sat up and watched, as events unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri… unfortunate situation, obviously,” Clarke said. “Anytime a law enforcement officer uses force that takes a life, it deserves a thorough, transparent vetting–investigation. We all agree with that. But then some groups began to converge on the small town of Ferguson, Missouri, like vultures on a roadside carcass… people like Al Sharpton.”

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Clarke then thundered, “To come and exploit that situation, and instead of coming into help and restore calm, poured gas on that fire with some of their inflammatory and irresponsible rhetoric… threw law enforcement under the bus for political expediency.”

“I expected that from Governor Nixon,” he added. “I expected that from Claire McCaskell. Those are nothing but two-bit politicians… but I did not expect that from Eric Holder, who calls himself a law enforcement officer.”

Though Clarke may have not expected, the majority of Americans paying attention did expect it from Eric Holder and the whole Marxist bunch.

“Wait a minute,” continued Sheriff Clarke. “Mr. Attorney General, if you felt those officers had violated your Fourth Amendment, and you’re a federal prosecutor, and you didn’t say anything at the time? On behalf of everybody in the United States, you could have done something if you felt that. You could have made a complaint–because all of us kind of realize in law enforcement, right, we testify–what do they say in court? If you didn’t write it down, if you didn’t report it, it didn’t happen.”

“Really, Mr. Attorney General?” Clarke asked rhetorically. “You didn’t report it then? You didn’t write it down? But you’re telling us some 10-15 years later for self-serving purposes. I thought, ‘Why did you do that?’ You insulted every law enforcement officer, every man and woman who puts on that badge and uniform every day, risks their lives in service to their community.”

Sheriff Clarke is a man of integrity and unlike those that took an oath at the federal level to uphold the law, Sheriff David Clarke actually does it.

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