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Former Democrat Texas Border Judge Pleads Guilty to Bribery

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Published on: December 3, 2014

A former Hidalgo County Justice of the Peace has pled guilty to bribery. He’s also a Democrat.

Ismael “Melo” Ochoa, 68, pled guilty on Monday on two counts of bribery before Judge Noe Gonzalez, who sentenced him to 10 years probation and $30,000 in fines. Gonzalez also ordered Ochoa to pay $5,000 in reparations to Hidalgo County.

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Hidalgo County District Attorney Rene Guerra said that he wanted Ochoa to face jail time.

Ochoa took money from a convicted drug trafficker, Julio Armando Davila, in a bond rigging scheme.

It was reported back in October that Ochoa resigned after 24 years of service. At the time, there was no reason given for the resignation.

On October 30, Ochoa was charged with bribery, money laundering and organized criminal activity counts. He was subsequently released on $40,000 personal recognizance bond.

Breitbart reports:

Ochoa is the latest politician tied to a series of separate but connected conspiracies related to drug trafficking, bribery, and illegal favors that included former Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino, some of his top advisers and Texas based Gulf Cartel kingpin Tomas “El Gallo” Gonzalez. The network surrounded a series of favors that Gonzalez paid for in cash and in political donations.

Ochoa’s role in the network dealt with rigging bonds for the individuals brought by former bail company employee Julio Davila, according to court records obtained by Breitbart Texas.

Those individuals included Gonzalez and his employees; Gonzalez was convicted in federal court of bribing former Sheriff Trevino and one of his commanders in exchange for favors. Gonzalez and Davila have been cooperating with authorities in providing information and testimony against corrupt officials. Sources close to the investigation have told Breitbart Texas that the reason for Ochoa’s lenient sentence is because of his cooperation with authorities. 

According to the indictment, Ochoa worked with Davila from September 2010 to June of 2012.

Davila, who worked for a bond company, bribed Ochoa in order to get reductions of bonds for his clients.

Davila is scheduled to be sentenced in January 2015.

There is no doubt in my mind that it is men like Ochoa that the Obama administration is using in order to facilitate their orchestrated invasion of the US by illegal aliens. I’m glad he’ll be dealt with, though I question that the sentencing is actually a just sentence. In this author’s opinion, perhaps something a bit more severe is in order for such crimes against the people.

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