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Sick of the Incredibly Stupid

Normally, I try to write articles that impart some news along with commentary that points out contradiction with the Constitution or expresses my opinion on the topic at hand — like the woman on the $10 Treasury note. Other times, the article written includes a “rant” or rebuttal to what some dimwit politician, celebrity or other individual of prominence said that exposed their “intelligence.” Days exist where emotions hinder the writing of articles that impart news and boil down to just a “rant.” Be prepared. Today is one of those days.

First on my list of what I term “incredible stupid” address some of what has been plastered in the news about the Charleston shooting. You can look up some of these incredibly stupid things but the ones I will address are “hate speech on Fox News led to the shooting” and “the shooting is because of a ‘right-wing drift in this country.'” Both of these individuals have eaten at the “bat guano crazy” fruit tree.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

First off, if “hate speech” led to shootings, then someone needs to shut Al Sharpton up. South Carolina State House Minority Leader Rep. J. Todd Rutherford (D) blames some “speech” at Fox News for the actions of the shooter. Along the same line, Al Sharpton and his ilk need to accept blame for Ferguson, MO, Baltimore, MD, and every city in the nation where individuals acted in riotous fashion because of some Sharpton tidbit of stupidity surrounding “racism,” racist white cops, or white privilege. While curtailing Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright needs a comeuppance right alongside that crazy gray-suited nut job. Obama and many in Congress commit similar offenses. Get them in the “paddy wagon” while on a roll. If someone commits an unlawful, lawless act based on what someone else says, the person committing the act is to blame, not the person who engages in freedom of speech. Apparently, Mr. Rutherford takes the stance that freedom of speech does not apply to everyone.

Rutherford criticized Fox News for “talking about the president as if he’s not the president,” “using coded language,” engaging in “hate” speech, and “talk about things they call news.” Well, J. Todd, call out CNN for “faking” news stories and then you can talk. Numerous reports exposed the “Communist News Network” of fabricating news stories; but, they continue to operate, generating “things they call news.” As far as talking about the president, being in public office and freedom of speech means he’s fair game. Get over it! Besides, the man acts not like a president, but a wannabe professional golfer who, on a whim, fell into public office. He tanks speaking without a teleprompter and engages his mouth before his brain gets in gear. Obama defines lawlessness, criminality, and treason. Frankly, the man is an embarrassment to this nation and the office he holds.

While I cannot speak for anyone but myself, I am certain I am not alone in saying, “Enough with the ‘hate speech’ crutch.” The individual who committed the act bears the responsibility for that act — no one else and certainly nothing else. Comments such as those dishonor the victims and grieving families as it uses a tragedy to push a political agenda to silence the freedom of speech. It raises the question of “racism” to further divide individuals and incite emotions so high as to lose all manner of coherent thought.

News outlets reported the shooter was on anti-depressant medication at the time of the tragic incident. Mr. Rutherford should shift blame to the pharmaceutical companies who push the “legal” medication of children shamelessly. The pharmaceutical companies operate as legalized drug suppliers while charlatans push for the diagnosing of children with “problems” in order to “deal” out the drugs making “Big Pharma” even bigger. So, J. Todd, how about addressing that?

If you were friends with one of the victims as you say, your comments dishonor your friend. No one knows what rhetoric you are talking about as there is no rhetoric in this nation or any state that leads people to believe murder is acceptable. Unless you listen to those on the left who support the murder of innocent babies via abortion, the killing of white police officers or those who shout “Black lives matter” while ignoring unbridled black on black murders, no rhetoric exists that condones murder of any sort. If you are going to speak to something, speak to those that condone murder under those circumstances.

In other words, your “incredible stupid” shows in your comments.

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) blamed the shooting on the “right wing drift in the country” in an appearance on “Meet the Press.” Clyburn approached the subject differently by injecting the Confederate Flag issue into the shooting after blaming “right wing drift.” “Incredible stupid” appears to be a disease that is spreading in pandemic proportion. First off, leftist liberals burn American flags; others treat it with respect, dignity and seek to properly handle it. Yes, I am making a generalization as that is acceptable to the incredibly stupid so get over it. Second, no conservative supports murder, democide or genocide, regardless. While you speak of the shooter having “Apartheid things on his shirt,” the “left wing” supports murder through abortion and democide and genocide by ignoring the actions of Nelson Mandela and his regime. Some speak of Mandela as some “hero” while ignoring atrocities he supported and committed. While we are talking genocide, the left covers for Islam who kills without abandon any individual considered an “infidel.” Where are your comments on the senseless black on black murders? Nowhere or you blame anyone and everyone but those responsible. While on this subject, the left supports a socialist/communist/dictator type government. As we have seen throughout history, these governments engage in democide — the murder of their own citizens. So, who is it that is to blame for the “acceptance” of murder?

Contrary to popular belief, the so-called “Confederate Flag” is actually the “battle flag” of the confederacy as the “Stars and Bars” were too similar to the “Stars and Stripes” to rally troops. The flag identified as a symbol of rebellion is the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia, adopted to rally troops to know who is who on the field of battle. As a side history note, Lincoln used troops against the South to prevent secession and enslave the states — all — to the federal government. So, who was the aggressor there and who actually did the “rebelling?”

Lincoln rebelled against the Constitution by removing the guarantee of a “republican form of government” to the states, especially those in the South. He used federal troops against the citizenry, ordered “military occupation” of the Southern states and “emancipated” no one. Despite what history extols, Lincoln was a communist and insurrectionist. It appears you are in “good” company.

Since you, Mr. Clyburn, consider the individual who shot nine people in a church in Charleston representative of the “right wing drift,” then, by your logic, Wayne Williams is representative of all blacks, sodomites and abortionists are representatives of the left and Bruce Jenner is representative of all males. By the way, Charles Manson leaned left. Funny how that plays out, isn’t it? It shows how ridiculous and “incredibly stupid” your remarks are.

Let me clue you two sufferers of “incredible stupid” into a tidbit of information. Two sides do exist, but it’s not right and left. The two sides boil down to “law and lawlessness.” Following God’s law and the Constitution upholds the law. Rejecting those leads to lawlessness, immorality and heathenism. Murder breaks both God’s law and our criminal laws established by the States through the Constitution. The “right” supports upholding God’s law and the Constitution; the “wrong” supports lawlessness, immorality, criminal activity, racism and heathenism. So, take your “shooting was caused by the right wing drift in this country” and “hate speech is to blame” and shove it … well, where the sun doesn’t shine.

I’ll raise you both on some comments. The supporters of lawlessness, the baiters of racism, and those who repeat the mantra of the “incredibly stupid,” like the flake occupying the Oval Office, bears the responsibility for many of the problems plaguing our country today. They spit on God’s laws, trample the Constitution, twist its meaning and intent, and use it inequitably. These individuals seek to limit the God-given individual rights of others while keeping those same rights for themselves while treating the Constitution as a Chinese buffet. They seek to engage in lawlessness, while declaring the lawful lawless. It is hypocrisy on steroids.

Using a tragedy to further an agenda, as you two have done, shows desperation, lack of couth and an inability to face reality and facts. If intelligence were a bus, you two would not be sitting in the back row but be sitting on a cart pulled behind the bus. In other words, your comments disqualify you from getting on the bus.

Neither of you charlatans care one bit for any victim or their families, only furthering an agenda. The family of the victims should denounce you both for being political opportunists and the State of South Carolina districts you represent should vote you two out of office. Both of you are a disgrace to humanity as well as the positions you hold.

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.

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