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Signs that You May be Shopping in Texas

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Published on: October 12, 2014

The Kick Them All Out Project has created a comical new video to promote removing career politicians in Washington. It’s focus is on the Second Amendment of the US Constitution and it’s hilarious.

I must say that this is the way gun owners should be ready to respond should the need arise. Notice that no one fires at the woman or anyone else for that matter and that’s because responsible gun owners are not violent nor are they irresponsible with their weapons.

The video’s description encourages “If you believe we have a right to self defense, that disarming law abiding citizens only guarantees that criminals have a unending supply of easy targets, then please join our efforts to take control of our government away from the lunatics that have control of it now.”

Based in Crestone, Colorado, the KTAO Project states:

“The two most corrupting influences in government are the banking and corporate interests and the career politicians that have turned our government over to them. The Congress is the only institution empowered to guard against the exploitation of the American people by those with the most wealth and power. But those with the most wealth and power control our Congress! Until we do something powerful enough to establish more influence over who gets those jobs than special interest groups do, nothing is going to change. Fortunately we can do this by simply uniting the power of our votes around a purpose far more important than deciding which party controls Congress. Next election we simply cast our votes to make our will FELT in the most powerful way imaginable. We cast our votes to FIRE CONGRESS! We Kick Them All Out!”

I feel the passion of the movement for sure. However, most people on both sides of the aisle vote their fear of each other, rather than vote based on principle. I wish it weren’t so, but let’s face it, that is a reality. People got tired of Bush and the mantra was “Anybody but Bush!” Then when people on the other side were tired of Obama, the mantra was “Anybody but Obama!” The problem in both instances was that in both cases, the ones chanting those mantras were the same ones that voted simply for their party candidate, which was in opposition to the party in the White House. It didn’t matter if the guy they were voting for was a “compasssionate” conservative, who was really somewhat steeped in socialism, or whether it was a hard-core socialist who was discipled by well known Marxists.

I do agree with the sentiment of KTAO though. Those who are to serve the people should be obeying the law and when it comes to any gun law being proposed by Congress, or any restriction of any sort of arms by the federal government it is unconstitutional and anyone that gets behind such legislation should be removed immediately from office. What do you think?

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