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Silencing America’s Majority

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Published on: July 2, 2015

Four days after nine people were gunned down at the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, the church’s doors opened to an overflow crowd of congregants and supporters. Since Senior Pastor Rev. Clementa Pinckney was among those killed on June 17, Rev. Norvel Goff, a former New York pastor and presiding elder at another South Carolina AME Church, led the service.

Goff provided abundant commentary on the surviving family members’ displays of dignity, and their willingness to forgive the shooter, Dylann Storm Roof. His oratory both reflected and underscored the sentiment behind this community of Christians which, instead of degenerating into anger and hatred over Roof’s foul deeds, came together in fellowship.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The reverend also remarked that the doors of the church opening so soon after the tragedy was sure to have sent “a message to the demons in Hell.”

Excuse me?

A message to who?

“Demons in Hell,” did he say?

Well, let’s see… He is a Christian pastor after all, so who should we suppose his adversaries might be – Snidely Whiplash? The Riddler?

Whereupon we shall commence with this week’s object lesson, which once again features liberal racism and hypocrisy…

According to the emergent leftist doctrine, people who actually believe in primitive twaddle like demons are on a par with the developmentally disabled; they certainly have no right to participate in public discourse. Recall how Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was raked across the coals by the liberal press recently for statements concerning his Catholic beliefs.

So if that’s the case, then why should the usual liberal detractors care if Dylann Roof ventilated a bunch of these “mentally retarded cavemen”?

Well, since they were black, of course, the crime fits very nicely into the narrative the left is currently pushing, that we have a serious problem with “right wing racist domestic terrorism” and white supremacy in general. Simply put, they elected to set aside their antipathy for Christians so that they might capitalize on the racial aspects of Roof’s crime.

There are at least two other reasons that liberals overlooked their hatred of Christians in the case of the Charleston shootings. One is that those on the left view blacks as a primitive breed to begin with, so their Christianity is of no more concern than if they were practicing Santeria, Voodoo, or worshiping The Great Bright Disk That Crosses The Sky.

Another reason is that in having managed to control blacks politically (as well as subverting many through false Christian doctrines like Liberation Theology), what they actually believe doesn’t matter as long as they continue to provide the requisite political support. Blacks have given leftist leaders no indication that they will cease doing so.

The agitators finally did make it down to South Carolina, because two days after the Charleston AME church re-opened and a block away, the former head of the New Black Panther Party, Malik Zulu Shabazz, and Shaka Shakur, another black nationalist, were calling for war against whites. Shabazz is the president of an organization called Black Lawyers for Justice, the group that was instrumental in spurring on rioters in Baltimore following the Freddie Gray shooting.

In front of a crowd of several hundred black Charleston residents, Shakur declared in urban patois that Dylann Roof’s attack had been a coordinated plan, that he was “a solider” who carried out “his mission.”

Shakur then asked the crowd, “When you gonna carry out yours?”

Shakur said that Roof had been trained and equipped by shadowy, white boogeymen, whom he could not identify. Both he and Shabazz suggested that audience members “complete the work” of Denmark Vesey, who led a violent slave revolt in 1822 and killed a bunch of white people.

Shakur had no proof whatsoever of anything he said – yet he and Shabazz were allowed to stand there at length and incite Americans to kill other Americans. Conversely, a white individual cannot criticize our president’s tie without being pilloried for racism.

This double standard is quite similar to that of militant homosexuals being allowed to call for the complete disenfranchisement of Christians, the burning of their businesses, and even violent action against them – yet woe be unto the Christian who criticizes homosexuals or their attendant political agenda, no matter how diplomatically it is done.

A majority of Americans who do not subscribe to the left’s racial orthodoxy or the legitimacy of the homosexual agenda continue to be intimidated into submission through nothing more than invective and lies. The pace of this project (which also involves other demographic subgroups) has been accelerated and its strength fortified by the Obama administration, whose noxious domestic agenda demands division and dysfunction.

The sad irony is that substantial gains could still be made against the left if more of us were willing to go on the offensive, and stop dreading their empty screeches of “homophobe” or “racist” as though they were the Wicked Witch of the West in a water balloon fight.

Little do those who have given in and now hold their beliefs in abeyance know that they have fallen for a cheap communist tactic crafted by a cheap communist twerp (“Rules for Radicals” author Saul Alinsky). Their silence, however, will buy our enemies enough time to codify their perversities into law with the cooperation of the weak, the corrupted, and cowards in high places.

Then, as occurred once before, while some citizens hide neighbors now legally considered persona non grata in their cellars and walls, others will dutifully turn them over to authorities to face a grim fate because, after all…

“It’s the law of the land.”


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